Saturday, July 12, 2008

Somebody Stop Me...

Really. I may need a 12-step program. (Tammy - still on auto, or outdoor. I am still, at this point, doing nothing but point, focus, shoot.)
Bug Catchers - later in the day they turned into garden-eaters. We need a fence.Hawk - click on this, and look closely at her left foot. She's doing this with one leg really out of commission, and there's 3 babies in that nest. No clue how she's getting it done. I am in awe of the determination of instinct.
Not a honeybee, but a bumble, says Girl.Bee Balm, because it's there.Mr. Wonderful's new best friend (NOT!).I promise that's it. Next time there will be knitting. Promise. Really really promise...I am so excited and cannot stop shooting things. I love the Nikon D40, the entry-level DSLR of my dreams.


Anonymous said...

I love your photos! Keep shooting. Knitting photos are good too but I really love your garden and wildlife pics.


Yarnhog said...

That snake should be Mr. Wonderful's best friend. It's harmless, and eats rodents. I like having snakes like that in my garden. Rattlers, not so much.

Julia Grace said...

Awww!!!! That's so sad that the momma hawk is hurt! I hope she gets better. I'm glad she's still able to do all the hawk-y things though.

DUDE! A garter snake!! I've wanted a garter snake for years. I haven't had one since 2002.

tina said...

I'm so happy you are thrilled with your camera........ that is awesome.

And you tell Mr. Wonderful that I am a snake hater from way back. My mother gave me this gift of snake hatery and I believe that the only good snake is a best friend. When I lived in Orlando and came home one night there was a baby rattler in my bedroom. I am not kidding you. I left the room and came (quietly) in just in case I dreamed it up. I did not. I quickly got a garden hoe and chopped that sob into freakin' slaw! YEEEEEEEEEEEECH!