Wednesday, July 16, 2008

And again with the camera

Thank you all very much for the NY help. We are going to go to TKTS, and at coffee Tuesday Gail suggested these lovely red bus tours and I think we're going to do that, too. Mr. W. is going to take Friday off so we'll be in NY much earlier than I'd planned. That means we get a whole extra half a day on the ground, so to speak. I am getting excited, even though my favorite lizard pointed out that it's going to be mighty warm in Manhattan this weekend. I am determined to not let it ruin my weekend.
Today I sorted yarn into piles for the new book - "Definitely. maybe. not sure yet. definite maybe. possibly. I just don't know. I HAVE to have that." I think it went something like that. I need more warm colors, I think. My 'process' is jumbled and scares people. At this point, nothing is organized, everything is serendipity, loose, uncontrolled. Anyway, that was fun and occupied a great deal of my time actually. But I am not showing you yet. I am kind of protective of the whole process at this point, which is why you get mushrooms and trees and stuff. Come January I'll share some. For now, mushrooms and trees, babies and occasional non-book knitting. The good news, I suppose, is that if you like reading about knitting stuff and non-knitting stuff while looking at pictures of hawks, babies, mushrooms and trees, this is totally your blog! I may start photographing other people's knitting just so you've got some to stare at. Example - I am writing a pattern that I am submitting to a Major Online E-Zine (go ahead, guess.) and it clearly states in the guidelines that the item submitted can't have appeared anywhere before. So, I can't show you that. Then Flow, which is just a pile of Seduce with no shaping yet. So you don't want to see that.
My day goes like this - I work randomly (today was yarn-sort and contemplate. Tomorrow may be something completely other, like draft something with which to torment a sample knitter)
Then I go for a yard-ramble, and I find things in bloom or fledging, and you get stuff like this:

Back inside, I knit for a while, or write, or plan something. Sometimes I have company (and sometimes the company is not so happy, because they are teething...):

So I alternate making unhappy guests smile again and pretending to work until other people come along to do some of that for me:

Next it's probably supper time, pictures of which would be pretty lame, especially last night. After supper I generally sit and knit, usually on something fun, but sometimes I go for woodland quests for more mushrooms:

You know, there is more to life than knitting. (right. sure there is.)


Shilly Sit Knitter said...

I like mushrooms. They look really interesting. There are so many different varities.

Yarnhog said...

Just tell people, "I'm an artist" and go with the chaos. (That's how I handle it when my husband expresses astonishment/resentment/fear in the face of the stash. I tell him, "You wouldn't ask Michelangelo why he needs all those damned paints, would you?")

michelle said...

Check out the cheeks on your "houseguest"! She's delicious!

Dragonfly said...

poor baby with the new teeth, they always look so miserable because they don't understand why they hurt. Looks like you did a good job getting the giggles back though.

And did I see the words "new book"?

MadMad said...

I am just loving all your yard pics - the chickens below, the hawk, the cat and the baby! Awesome! !