Saturday, July 05, 2008

Hawks, Chickens, and maybe knitting...

Katy asked how the hawk was, and did she hatch her eggs. We were not sure, although Mr. Wonderful had been watching the nest and occasionally incurring the wrath of momma hawk when he tried to chop wood - the wood pile is right under the nest tree. Last week he brought in a pale blue egg with tan spots, but really that could be one of my own eggshells stolen from compost by a scavenger. Well, finally, we have evidence.
Baby hawk noggin. Now, here's the cool part - we think there's three of them. This guy is all about making his presence known, and had no compunction about hopping right to the edge and staring down at Mr. W's curious camera wielding head. I assume he's planning for the day when he can fledge right onto that human and teach him a lesson. His mother, I bet, would have other feelings about his forward behavior.
Girl and I hit the local farmer's market this morning. We got fresh garlic and garlic scapes, beets and beet greens, kale and some tarragon and basil. My basil does not look so hot and my tarragon got eaten. Speaking of eaten. Something cleaned out my garden. Not everything, but enough that he or she has to go, whatever he or she may be. Ate the tops of the brussels sprouts, made headway in cabbage damage, and ate the tops off the green bean plants. I am not happy. Whoever he is, he's going down.
For Mister Betsy - more ch*ck shots -
Although attached a bit to Tutta-Two, Girl has accepted that it would be kind to share Momma Tut's love with the world. So, if the little white ch*ck is a girl, she can go and live with Mr. and Mrs. Betsy, as long as they fully appreciate the amazing-ness of this particular chicken. Tut the first has been incredible, totally a pet, sits on one's lap, etc. Tutta-Two seems headed in the same direction. She enjoys sitting on hands, quietly. When we check them she's the first to run to the side and asks to be removed from those creatures we've left her with (as if she were one of them?).
I have been knitting. Furiously, really, on one of these projects. I can't tell you what it is yet though. It's This One.The yarn is Sterling, hand dyed by Gail Callahan, and available in her Etsy shop. It's very lovely, really - color and sparkle in one! Oh, and she's apparently having some kind of summer sale on selected items...I'd check that out.
And then there is This Other One, which I also can't tell you about.But I can tell you that this new Berroco yarn, Pure Merino DK? Lovin' it, thank you Cirilia Rose, yarn genius.
Back to the grind. Or, really, since it's a holiday weekend, back to slacking and knitting anything I want that's not work.
eBay auctions ending soon - totally a bummer that a lot of the sock grab-bags don't have a bid. We're talking awesome deals, here. That and...what do I do with it if it doesn't sell?! I...I had not thought about that...!
Is this me??


Yarnhog said...

Well, I don't know you in person, but I'd say you're a calming influence in the blogosphere. But vanilla? That seems way too bland.

tina said...

I am also vanilla. I understand it is meant in the most complimentary of ways but I really wanted to be something more exciting. Guess that was not to be!

Yarnhog said...

So far I haven't been the high bidder on anything for your auctions, but at least I've run up the bids for you! (New stash acquisition rules are severely limiting my bidding capacity.)

Pirk said...

Vanilla here, too.

I am going to put your blog in my
links, love the way you write about anything and everything.