Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Assimilation and Renwal

"What the heck are THOSE?"
"Uh. Is that what we are?""Hey, what have you got?"
"If I am like you, then I want what you've got..."
I really really thought Eleanor would whack T2 on the head and take this back. She didn't, but she looked a little stunned for a few. "What just happened?" I could remind her - she hatched them, what more did she expect?
Pipping - the moment I know there's really something in there:

Working on it...
Free at last:
Leaving the egg behind:
Things are looking up:
By morning, we're almost ready for the brooder:
One lone fuzzwuzzit. He will probably grow up utterly confused as to identity since there's not so much as a feather to make him realize he's a bird. But we'll see how he grows. And I should not say he, I should say it since I won't know for a while what it is, but for now he's he. Tomorrow if he has not died of loneliness I will name him.


Yarnhog said...

That is both so cute and so sad.

michelle said...

Quick story;
When our local 4h stopped sponsering hatches in schools, my co teacher and I took matters into our own hands, bought a styrofoam incubator and a dozen fertile Araucana eggs off of e-bay... unfortunately, we didn't check where the seller was located until after we clicked "pay". In hindsight, expecting eggs that were shipped from California to New England to be grade a fresh was probably a bit naive- even if we did pay for priority shipping. We kept telling the eggs "Only one of you needs to hatch...more would be great, but at least one of you has to hatch, or else all of these three year old children will think we are playing a cruel, cruel joke by telling them there are really chickens inside the eggs." In the end one was all we got, but that one, dubbed "Chick-chick" was seriously the Best.Chicken.Ever. Great personality, beautiful feathers and a fantastic layer!

Hang in there little chicken!