Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I forgot...KNITTING!!

F.O. - Berrocco Flow in Seduce, color Muscari, 6 hanks with a lot leftover, size 34. I tried on the 34 at Webs and it was perfect. I would never, under ordinary circumstances, knit anything that small. My genetic gifting makes it a poor choice generally. But this works, and works well. I love it. Mods - well, first it's in the round with a false seam stitch on either side kept in purl throughout. Which is probably the biggest mod. Second, I whacked an inch off of the total length, because I am a pygmy (why can't I ever just use the 'S' word?). It's unblocked, but I wore it to dinner Friday anyway. I'll wash it eventually (soon). I've already endangered it by catching a thread on my skirt zipper, and not noticing till I got home. It will run back in well.This was a great, fast, instant gratification knit. I was going to put beads around the neck in a crochet trim ala Pixie, but I could not find a beading needle and just wanted it done, so I did the reverse st st instead. I can change my mind later - there's more than enough yarn to redo the neck. Twice. The thing is unbelievably flattering to every person who's tried it on. I have not once seen it on someone and thought "Oh, no. Just no...", not even on ME which is leaning toward unheard of. It's just one of those things that everyone can knit and be happy with. Get yours today! (really, it's so satisfying, unless you...mess up...which, gratefully I didn't - I think the in the round bit helped.)
And since I am here anyway...Hummingbird, but not in the sun because he's not cooperating with me at ALL. Normally he'll ignore me. But if I have that camera? He acts like it's an uzzi pointed at his head. Birds are too smart.
And the bird that wakes us up every morning at 5:30 am.He sits behind the house (here he's in front) and goes on endlessly. In fact, there is not a moment when I go outside that I don't hear him, which makes me wonder how and what he eats. In the evening, when we're on the deck, he moves to the front of the house and sits on the wire and makes the same deeeelightful noise he makes at 5:30am. Diligent and consistent, if nothing else.


knitting dragonfly said...

I love this. Cute, cute, cute. But we need a pic of you wearing it.

MadMad said...

It looks beautiful! It's on my list of things I want to make... but I'm trying to be good and finish a few other things... though then it will be winter and what would I want with it then. Maybe i should just go for it. NOW. Yesterday! (Think they'll still take my calls over at Webs? I have not yet finished my diamond vest thingy...)

tina said...

adorable top------ love it! And of course I want to see it ON you too!

I'll have to heart it on Rav.........