Friday, July 11, 2008

Brought to you by eBay

This was the objective of al that yarn selling - a new camera so I could take pictures of hawks. Click on them to make them bigger. OK, really it wasn't about the hawks, it was about taking pictures of garments and stuff, but I have to play for a while. First pictures were of the hawks when I saw Momma catch herself some breakfast in the yard. She was off and gone, but the babies were not.I know, I know, not great pictures, eh? But give me time. There's some learning DVD's and stuff, and before you know it I'll be snapping awesome which point the hawks will be grown up and gone.
Next up - baby chickens!! (or maybe pictures of grass, I haven't decided yet...) I know. I could take pictures of the chicken poop on the floor of my office (sigh). Where chicken poop does not belong. Just. Ever. Speaking of which, this whole taking pictures of hawks things has totally distracted me from what I was doing, namely cleaning out my office of residual baby chicken foof, fluff, poop and dust. I moved them into the brooder house, and gave them a nanny. More on that later. Wait till you see the nanny.


Julia Grace said...

Oh my gosh!!! Those hawklings are so cute!!! I wish I could make it up for a visit before they fly away. They seem to be more photo friendly than mum hawk. It's so awesome that you have a nest in that tree. Good luck with your new camera! I'm glad you finally found one. =)

Petra said...

I just have doves in my backyard, hawkletts are much cooler!