Monday, March 25, 2013

Chlorine and Colds and Books, Oh My!

Early last week Mr. Wonderful complained of a slight bit of a cold-coming-on feeling. I told him he was fine, which is what I do. I also say that to people who are limping, bleeding, or hanging over the porcelain throne in abject misery. "You're fine." I say, "Suffering builds character!"

Then one night late last week we swam and had a class in the pool. Mr. W spent a little time before class in the hot tub, where chlorine is usually higher than in the pool. The chlorine levels in the air seemed high to everyone at the beginning of class. I didn't really notice; I don't even smell it any more! Anyway, as we got aerobic doing our water jogging, we were all suddenly taken with coughing fits. I felt light-headed, hot, and agitated, as if I wanted to run away from where we were without really knowing why or where I should be going. I felt fuzzy in the brain, and generally not well. I felt most uncomfortable where I was. I pulled off my swim cap and kept going under water in an attempt to cool off. Everyone's eyes burned fiercely. People complained of feeling off, hot, not well, uncomfortable. We moved to deep water work, which means less cardio, and still we were not comfortable. One woman asked for the fan to be turned to face her because she could not breathe. Everyone complained of some level of discomfort. We left after class. Eyes still burning, Mr. W and I coughed all night long.

The next day I headed to the pool for lap swim with eyes still burning. I then learned that a critical ventilation fan was not working correctly, and instead of pulling the heavily chlorine laden air from the pool it was recirculating it within the pool room. In other words, there was no ventilation in the pool area at all. Doors were opened and fans placed, but still the chlorine was strong enough to cause many people to leave early.

The next day Mr. W. was beginning to look very ill - his "little cold" has taken on symptoms more consistent with bronchitis or pneumonia. He never gets sick, and when he does it lasts for 2-3 days at most. So far, two folks present at the pool during this two-day period have been treated by their doctors for eye problems as a result of the high chlorine levels in the air. Everything I swallow tastes odd and faintly chlorinated, and my eyes still sting a little. I cannot wait for summer and open water. My concerns about my swimming ability are being tempered by the thought of all these chemicals and what they may be doing to us. Scary! Better a nice fish-filled lake than a pool full of chlorine!

I've saved the fun bit for last, if you're still reading. What if I said I was working on a book proposal? Maybe another book? Just one more, because I can't resist? Or maybe two more? Or three?

For now, we'll take it one book at a time. Maybe no one will want to publish it, and the proposal will languish in some in-or-out-box for months. Maybe it will be rejected flat out, off hand, before they even read it, and it will head directly for the nearest circular file. But maybe... maybe someone will want it. Time will tell - but here's hoping that there's more than 3 books in me!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

*tap tap tap* Is This Thing On?

Hello, blog. Long time, no see. Just thought I'd stop by and share a few things.
First, Girl (who is now an old married lady!) and I went to the local butterfly museum with friends recently. We saw some lovely things, and spent some time in the delicious 85 degree air. Mmmm! An excellent break from winter!
They have a lovely koi pond...
brilliant hibiscus...
and of course...butterflies!

It was wonderful to just walk and sit and stretch in the warmth. Made me wish I was a butterfly. Although in a manner of speaking, I am!

Second, Yoshi has been unmanned. Sad but true.

He took it like a trooper, and survived very well. His stitches are out, and the cone of shame has been removed, and he's back to his regular old self. On the first night he convinced me that his buster collar was too big, so I cut a couple of inches off. In the middle of the night I caught him licking places he should not have been able to lick, so I taped the cut-away section of collar back on.

Stylin', right? Who wouldn't want to wear a cone adorned with purple tie-dye duct tape? I really just grabbed the first tape that came to hand, and this was it. I still am in awe of how well he handled the whole process, especially the cone. I really expected him to freak out, but he came out of surgery with it on and just accepted it as part of life. He was very relived when it came off, though - lots of scratching and rolling and licking went on.

I've been knitting madly on the contents of Kristen Rengren's Vintage Baby Knits book. I took this on a couple of years ago, but haven't applied a lot of time to it until suddenly, lately, when I felt compelled to go into attack mode.

I love this book. I cannot say how much I truly LOVE this book! From the top left, here's Betty Lou Cardigan, Audrey Hoodie, Pearl Shrug, Milo Soakers, Floyd Pullover, and Louise Cardigan, with the Billie Beret in the center. I am currently finishing up the Rufus Textured Cardigan. You don't need babies in the offing. Just start knitting, that way if one pops up, you're prepared!

It's been a busy winter - I even learned how to swim! It's kind of a big deal for me because I am very afraid of the water and had never been able to learn before. I think it helps that the pool is always around 84 degrees. It makes it easier to be less scared when you're running away from winter!