Saturday, September 01, 2007


It's all over. Temporary my a$$. She stays. Totally stays. And she's mine. Totally mine. I decided I need a cat. Or, rather, the cat needs me. I am not sure her name is Ollie. More will be revealed.
Today we had our nails trimmed - no pics, there were no hands to take any. Ever try to cut the nails of a four-five week old kitten without hurting or scaring it, since you're planning on this as a recurrent activity? Mr. Wonderful held her. I did not get a picture of that either, but it happened. And my dad held her and pronounced her a "cute little thing...heh,heh,heh..." Then she attacked him and he laughed more. We spent some time determining gender - two rational adults staring at the business end of a kitten making a determination? Hysterical. So my week in pictures? Well, there's no yarn:

There's no fear. There's big blue eyes. Mini-cat behaviors, like twitching our tail but it's too young to twitch right, or pouncing, but we have no balance so we fall over.
Someone help me. I've forgotten my personal prime directive - "I hate cats." I find myself perusing the PetEdge website and looking at stuff like this or this or THIS, while my brain screams "but she neeeeeds it, and it'll protect the furniture..." So far I am doing well. I have not bought it anything. Yet. It's got to be some thwarted maternal instinct gone haywire. HEEELLLPP MEEE!!!!!!!! (no. don't. I am having too much fun!)
Now. I think it's almost sweater weather. And I think at babies need sweaters. Even fur babies.
(Man, we don't know anything about where this animal came from. I find that the height of stupidity and a thing I shun. It's probably gonna have rabies or something equally as horrible just as punishment for taking in an animal I know nothing about, which is an activity I totally disapprove of.)


Nancy said...

We got our cat when he was 6 weeks old (but we knew where he came from). He thought he was SO ferocious the first time we brought him outside! Ten years later I couldn't imagine our house without it's king - Chuckie Finster Benson. Your life will never be the same either!

Yarnhog said...

Those darned maternal instincts will get you into trouble every time. My son wants a cat. My husband and I are not cat people (it's the whole walking on the kitchen counter thing). But every time I look at his pleading little face, and then at the pleading little faces of the kittens in their "please save us or we're going to the pound" cages, I'm lost. So far husband has remained strong. I fear the day I am at the pet store adoption center alone with my son.

Mary said...


Gammy aka Peggy said...

Ehhhhh, she will be fine. Where I'm from people were always taking in stare cats or kittens and they usually turned out being the best cat they ever had. She is so cute. I figured from day one you would fall in love with her and that would be that.

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Melissa said...

Oh it is the cutest thing ever!!!! And I agree... it does need a sweater. Make it out of Valley and make it a store pattern. Totally justifiable. ;) I love it. So cute!

Traci said...

I am sure all its Cute Antibodies have gotten rid of any rabies nasties by now.

That happens. It does.

felisquatro said...

Congratulations on coming to your senses and joining the world of cat junkies. You'll be glad you did. She'll enrich your life. Meanwhile, how to tell male from female:
Male - looks like a colon (:)
Female - looks like an exclamation point (!)

Sheri at The Loopy Ewe said...

I just knew you'd have a picture of your new sweet kitty if I came over to your blog! She's adorable and I'm glad you kept her. :-)