Wednesday, September 12, 2007

I am not crazy after all...

I do this thing when I do short rows. I lift the wrap totally over the stitch before knitting them together. I did this spontaneously in a class when I was, as usual, forging ahead without reading directions (I made my elementary school teachers insane with this practice. Any still living will attest) because it made sense (just like filling in the entire dot on the Stanford test), and hid the wrap completely. Turns out I am not alone. Also turns out Cat Bordhi has a series of very cool You Tube videos, many on Pathyways teqhniques. Why are you still here? Get thee hence. Go. Watch. Wonderful! I live on in the faint but distant hope that I might one day be anywhere touching "as creative as Cat Bordhi among others".
Good post coming very soon with pics, I promise. Deadlines, you know. Rush, rush, knit, knit, although I do manage to drink a little water now and then. Not too much, or then I have to stop knitting to visit the sand box. Sand box - kitten is happily established in new home with Webs' Receiver Sharlene and her husband. Just in time, too - that kitten had really started to blossom into full kittenhood, BLECK!!


Yarnhog said...

Congrats on finding a new home for kitty! I'm trying to picture your wrap technique. Anything would be easier than the way I do it, which usually involves multiple attempts per stitch and a lot of swearing.

Sara said...

Man I can totally picture Sharlene with the kitten - all ooos and ahhhs.
And I lurve those Cat Bordhi clips!! saw them a couple weeks ago after looking for a good quick kitchener tutorial :)