Friday, September 14, 2007

Knit Now, More Later

Where to begin...well, knitting first? How's that sound? OK - here goes. First we have one pair of socks designed for Sojourner Designs new and wonderful yarn Two-For-Toes. This will be a self-published pattern that will be available either from Diane at Sojourner, or through my website. We're still working the details out on that whole sell direct thing. Anyone with any helpful shopping cart advice?? It's just so over my head. At this point we'll start off with Pay pal payments and good old snail mail patterns. Downloads look to be a way in the future. But the socks - first the yarn. This is a light dk, knitted up at about 7.5 sts per inch on a US 2. The socks are wonderfully warm with a waffle thing happening that creates great denseness and makes this a perfect design for cooler weather wearing. Form and function all in one! Imagine! Special thanks to Girl (model) and Julia Grace (photographer). We'll hear more from them soon.
Then there's a little baby thing to cleanse the grandma palate. This is in Southwick, a wonderful pima cotton bamboo blend that shows stitches marvellously, and blocked like a dream, and I really just love. I embellished it (or rather am embellishing it) with little ribbon roses from Michael's. Very sweet, classic infant, perfect shower gift. And it does not have to be all creamy white, either. Whip it up in some other awesome Southwick color(thee are a few...) for the babies who shun tradition. I think it would be awesome in a bright color with some amazing buttons, like goldfish or froglings! I am in some kind of infant design freak at the moment. I have further plans - more to be revealed. The sad thing is that the infant who's inspiring all of this won't ever get any of it, since it's all going elsewhere as samples.
Last knitted item of the day, a pair of socks designed just for Webs that I think will be given free with purchase of the book 2-at-a-Time Socks (anyone heard of that book? it's supposed to be awesome) from Storey Publishing. The yarn is, of course, Franklin and the colorway is Pinecone. I have not decided on a name for the pattern yet, but have to admit that the pine cone concept entered into the design phase. I took this picture just after kitchenering on route 95 south yesterday just outside of Portland, Maine. Wanna know why I was in Maine? That's coming up.
Then there's this - - this pile of Gail-Inspired, Kanga-Saturated color, this stack of rejects, poor tragic cast-offs. I am going to design something with one of these colorways, maybe more than one. And it will be stellar, and I will knit a second one. And then Gail will have to dye more of it, and name it after me...this is also inspired by baby April - and while I'd prefer it if my kids stopped trying to age me by making me a grandmother so bloody young, I do appreciate the inspiration the little cherubs create.
Uh-oh...looks like it's time for me to'll have to wait for tomorrow to hear about Portland, including two yarn shop visits, a country music concert and why Mr. Wonderful is my hero (but didn't we already know that?).


Persnickety said...

Love the new socks. Have you thought about creating an Etsy shop to sell your patterns?

Gammy aka Peggy said...

Wow, I love the socks, both pairs!!!! I can't wait for the socks and your book to be available. You might want to talk to my friend Joanne, her link is on my blog. She does the paypal/download pattern thingy. The baby thing is so adorable. I have no new baby in my near future but I sure have been wanting to start knitting for one. :)

sophanne said...

Having been to Portland Maine two summers ago, I believe I know exactly the 2 yarn shops you'll be going to (if they're both in the downtown area) They were both delightful in their own different ways. Most amazing to me was that there were 2 that were so close together- I drive 35 minutes to my favorite one!

Kristi said...

Socks are awesome and it sounds like you have good plans! I started a baby sweater when two friends were pregnant--both are now six months and I only got the back done. :(

Enjoy Portland!

Traci said...

Here's some input from a recently recovered new mom. Now that's she's almost 3, she eats food directly from the floor no matter how long it's been there. But when she was a tiny little baby, I remember a group of us fussing over a friend's hand knit baby sweater and wondering whether the little one would choke to death on the buttons or the bows. How could anyone be so insensitive as to knit a sweater with buttons smaller than could fit through a toilet paper roll??? (that's a true standard of measurement they use. Seriously.)

Please knit me a pair of awesome waffly socks for this sage advice. Thank you.

mary alice said...

hey- Cute socks! Great stitch definition! Thanks to the model and the photographer??? Hello? Hello? Photographed beautifully!