Wednesday, September 05, 2007


OK, so I know you all want to know how the kitten is, right? She's got a bit of diarrhea at the moment which smells horrible. She's also spoiled, but I just don't know how that's happening. She likes to wake up at 5am and cry. Then she eats and naps for a while. Next is independent playtime for an hour or so, during which she's encouraged to play with her toys and not my toes. (toe, toy, what's the difference, right??). Now, so you all know - she won't be staying with us after all. She will be admitted to the Dakin Humane Society and will be adopted from there once she's old enough and stops pooping badly. She'll get vet care, and a microchip, and a good home with people who love her. This is not to say that I don't love her - because I do - but at this point in my life I don't really want the commitment of a young animal. And we did say temporary, remember? We need to stick to that. In the meantime she will continue to be spoiled - I mean loved and cared for - in our home. I will take her for her vet visits and eventually when she's big enough hand her over to the shelter so they can do their job.
Oh..look what came today?? GIGGLE!! Cafe press rocks! One t-shirt, 200 buttons, all about me! Love it! Girl's t-shirt came last week and she wore it to work Monday. Mine is white. Mr. Wonderful refuses to wear one. We love him anyway. Most days. The buttons are very cool, and little and I adore them! Come find us at Rhinebeck - we'll be handing them out like candy. But when they're gone, they're gone! You'll recognize us - we'll be the crazy people wearing the t-shirts with the book cover on the back. This is going to be the coolest Rhinebeck ever. I am very excited. I am bringing buttons to work tomorrow to share. I am also very excited to report that the book allegedly went off to be printed last week. WOOT! Maybe, just maybe, there will be a hard copy to fondle someday soon. A copy with a spiral, and a hard cover and all 16 patterns, and the lovely technique section and the amazing art and...and...and...maybe I should relax a little!? It's sort of like being pregnant. You know, the end part, where you just want to get it out and look at it?? That's where I am at. I want to see it and hold it and cry over it. NOW.
Today I am working on finishing up this little ditty - an infant set in Sss...sss...WHY can't I remember the name of this yarn??? I have some kind of mental block about this...lemme look...SOUTHWICK! I knew it was an S. I keep wanting to say Stockbridge, which I know is totally wrong. OK, so Southwick. Wick. Cotton. Candle wick. Southwick is the cotton yarn...mabye that'll do it?? Anyway - it's an infant sent starting at a size 3 mo and ending at 18-24 mo. It will have little embroidered flowers around the bottom, and there will be a hat and bootees. Maybe even by Friday!
I just went to answer the phone and happened to see a whole flock of wild turkey in the yard. All sizes, from fluffy chicks (though it's a little late in the year for them) to adolescents and adults. Lovely. I love the woods!


Gammy aka Peggy said...

Well, glad to hear the baby is going to be fine, once she stops the nastiness. :) Oh man, I wish I were going to Rhinebeck!!!! The baby stuff is adorable. Yes, I saw a couple turkeys the other day, I do love the country.

Melissa said...

SWEEEEET! I am working tomorrow! ;) I can't wait to get my hands on your book either. Sweet baby set!

Kristi said...

Wonderful! Fostering is a great option. Oh, I am still deciding if I am joining the bus ride to Rhinebeck or not...but I am a sucker for buttons! :)

Yarnhog said...

Those buttons are so cool! I really, really want one--but traveling across the country for a button might be hard to explain to the rest of the family. I'll just have to buy the book instead.

And the kitten? Um...not to doubt you or anything, but as I understand it, the plan is to keep the irresistibly cute little creature around even longer, spoiling him and playing with him until those tiny claws are embedded in your heart, and then give him to the humane society to find a new home for him? This seems like a plan just ripe for utter failure. But perhaps you will prove stronger and more determined than I...

MelissaKnits said...

kYes, Yarnhog, this is the plan. And considering where she'll be developmentally in a few more weeks, I think it won't be as hard as you imagine. We're talking peak toddlerhood. We'll see.
Kristi - of course you should join the bus trip to Rhinebeck!

Traci said... there a link to your cafe press store so that I can peruse your t shirty wares?

You asked how potty training is going? Short answer: not bad.
Long answer: Today I had to sop up pee from the inside of a playground tunnel.

MelissaKnits said...

There's links in the post and one in the sidebar.

potty trainnig - this too shall pass...and usually at the worst possible moment.

Anonymous said...

What does Amy get? Amy who is trying to tour you about the country, especially at the knit-out at the Mall of America? Hmmm?
And what would Melissa like for introducing Amy to her new fabulous life?

MelissaKnits said...

Amy can have anything her heart desires.

Girl says Melissa wants a blue box, but I think she'd be happy wth the Extended Tour!

Anonymous said...