Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Kin I Git A Yee-Haw???

*First, because what else does one say at a Toby "Testosterone" Keith concert besides Yee-Haw?? And second, I finished the Minimalist Cardigan (stats: the yarn is discontinued Filatura di Crosa Trilly - cashmere and silk, half of each! - and Ella Rae Palermo, color 02, which is used as a contrast for the front band and rib on the sleeve. I did this because I thought I did not have enough Trilly {8 balls} to make it all the way. I was wrong, but love the contrast anyway) in the nick of time - cashmere and cowboy boots just...go together. So Toby Keith was actually fun. And if you repeat that I know where you all live and I will find you and...oh, forget it. The truth is that after my second appletini it didn't matter so much any more that I would have cheerfully bought a copy of Natalie Maines' delightful t-shirt (girl just spoke her mind and what a can of something else she opened up) a few years back, or that I consider TK to be...well, a bit, ummm, over the top?? Or that all of his music seems to revolve around three basic themes: gettin' some, drinkin' some or smokin' some?? It just became one three hour joke, and I just sat back and enjoyed it. It was loud and coarse and everything you expect from TK. And I wasn't the only one...I saw fins in the water, people - Buffet fans love Toby Keith?? Who knew. I could post the picture I got of Mr. W...naaah. That'd be mean. Poor man. Couple of beers and the next thing you know you're singing Toby Keith tunes wearing a cowboy hat, and your wife's a blogger, and the camera's on...that'd be exploitation. It'd be evil of me, truly evil. Anyway, it was an interesting life experience that I might even, if the tickets were free, repeat. Since they were free this time, and since it was a delightful evening out (no dog, cat, kid, dishes)...why not?! I like this place - The Meadows, aka the Dodge Music Center in Hartford. Because we didn't pay for the tix, Mr. W. felt OK about paying for spiffy parking. I would do that again also. Totally worth it. $20, car was right out front. Easy in, easy exit. Lovely. I want to go back...but there's nothing till spring (sigh). I feel lately like I am reliving the youth I missed while parenting and going to school and working and doing what needed to be done. The last little bird is perched on the edge of the nest and my foot is heading toward her little tail feathers. The time has come for me to let my hair down and have a little fun. My job is nearly finished here, the whole baby food mill, diaper scrubbing, potty training, educating, frog catching (hey some of this was a heck of a lot of fun), goop making, child training thing is winding down. I am ready to kick back a little.
Now about my discipline switch...just for a couple of hours, no biggie, I jumped off the knitting wagon and jumped on the sewing wagon. See, there was this class Katy and Pete wanted to take, and they needed just one more person to sign up so the class would run and so I said yes and here's the result - very fun and cool reversible messenger bag that I promptly came home and gave to Girl. I want to make another one now. I kinda messed with it. I missed the first class, so went by Katy's email, and it worked out well. Then last night in class I decided to be weird with the flap, so instead of making it rounded or straight I kinda did some weird wave thing, and top-stitched it. I love it. They went for a beer after at the Beer Can Museum, which apparently is something I've been totally missing out on. Who knew??
Oh, knitting right? I got some of that - aside from the finished Minimalist Cardigan which I ADORE (silk and cashmere, half of each!!), I also got moving on the Sheep Shop baby set. The yarn is Sheep One, a single ply worsted yarn in these edible colorways. I don't remember which colorway this is, but I promise to post more on that when it's done - done. For now it's nearly done, needing final finishing and the hat which is about half done to be added to the pile. I am contemplating bootees since it's moving along so well. The pattern will be available from Sheep Shop at some point in the future. It's so cute...makes me wanna procreate(not).OK, thanks to the weather I lost my internet connection last night so now I can tell you that the colorway is G123, the yarn is Sheep Number One knitted at 4 sts to the inch on a US 8 needle. The colors are warmly autumnal, which right now blends with the mood and weather. We've got trees turning but the temperatures yesterday were in the 80's. Go figure. This is New England. If you don't like the weather right now, give it ten minutes.
Special gift arrived yesterday (muchos gracias gifter - now I can truly be the grandma I was always meant to be), just in the nick of time for Grandma-hood Part Deux - somehow I managed to make it this far in life without ever laying my hands on Knit Baby Head & Toes or Knit Baby Blankets, but edited by my editor Gwen Steege. Now they're here and I feel a sudden compulsion to find worsted weight yarn in bumblebee colors...or maybe the ladybugs...actually my next-up really should be machine washable shower gifts for the little cuss...
Speaking of Little Cuss. Back for his third appearance this year, Tucker-Man has adapted very well this trip - no voiding on my furniture or floors, no destruction of yarn, no chasing of cat. He does have a problem with feathers. He finds them in the yard (they are everywhere) and snaps them up. Snap being the operative. Jaws of Death the boy has. He also has a compulsion for exploded milk weed pods which, being fluffy, must needs be VERMIN!!! I can't have my treadmill any more. He's decided the only way to keep me from turning it on (he hates the noise) is to stay on it. Permanantly.

*that is a Stewart's Root Beer in my hand in case you were wondering.


Kristi said...

You can tell its Stewarts by the label. Classic!

Love that messenger bag--I caved into my high school dream of owning a sewing machine finally and am ready to take it on! Once I get enough thread to fill the bobbins that is.

And you are right, that baby cardigan speaks autumn, someday hear it will be!

Yarnhog said...

The baby garment has not been invented that could persuade me to procreate again, but that is awfully darned cute. My stepson (who is only 21 and much, much too young to make such comments) has been suggesting how much fun it's going to be to make me a grandmother. Assuming my killing looks haven't...uh...withered his...enthusiasm completely, someday I will have babies to knit for again. Someday far in the future, I hope.

I had to laugh at your description of the Toby Keith concert. He makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up (I sing along with the Dixie Chicks every chance I get), but my ultra-liberal lesbian sister thinks he's great, so maybe I'm missing something. If free tickets ever come my way, I'll keep your experience in mind!

tina said...

You just knit your fingers to the bone!!!! Love Love Love the Minimalist Cardi and have it on my list although I will be in The Home by the time it makes it to the top of the list!

The Messenger Bag is fab! Wonderful job, it looks great! I have the coolest bag (to be sewn) cut out and waiting for me to get to it. Perhaps you will light a fire under me???

Cirilia said...

ACH-HEM, your SHIRT, that SLOGAN! Any way you slice it, it's bad to the bone.

Was that a mixed or extended metaphor? I teach writing now, I should know!!

Lisa said...

Although I can appreciate a lovely wee baby garment I hope to have no reason to knit one for many years ;-)

Nice to meet you today. If you're interested, I created a Ravelry group, Susanna Hansson Fans. My hope is that we can encourage (or lash, as the case may be) each other into finishing a pair of those fiendish mittens.

Liana said...

I love the baby sweater and can't wait to see the pattern for it available. Love your blog and have added it to my Google reader so I don't miss any of your wonderful ramblings.....