Sunday, September 23, 2007

More Redbridge, Please

It has happened. Someone - Anheuser Busch - got the memo about all the celiac and gluten intolerant peoples the world over. And they responded by producing the first gluten free carbonated beer-type product that I can call "beer". I have a new friend. His name is Redbridge Guy. And I have a new name. It's Redbridge Girl. I was so happy. Out of 30-odd brewers, most sporting 3-5 brews a piece, only one guy had what I could have. I did try an oatmeal stout from the People's Pint and didn't that - that was Beer. Serious beer. Wonderful chocolately, rich, dark beer.
More tomorrow, but for now, shots from the second annual Green River Brewfest:

Persnickety Knitter (right) and her sister Cindy (left) sample in tent 1.

George and Bunny enjoy a sip and a smoke.

After a tough morning modeling Valley Yarns garments, Ms. Cirilia Rose relaxes with a Bratwurst and a beer.

Folks mingling, sipping, sampling, smoking, listening and generally having a great time.

My new friend Redbridge Guy. I didn't think I had any physical evidence of his presence, but when I got home he popped up in this shot from set-up time.


Mr. Wonderful graciously accepting his role as 'Blog Fodder'.

And last, but most importantly, Uncool Guy, husband of Persnickety Knitter who pointed out that he did not get his picture on the blog after my birthday party. I did post a picture of the top of his head. But this is better.

More tomorrow or the next day...probably the next day...about Vickie Howell, my day-long discipline switch, Toby Keith, and some fo's.


Cirilia said...

HA! Hilarious! You've captured me in my element...and thanks for the picture of Eric and I, we really don't have many and I love that looks like we plowed through all those cases!

I'm glad you didn't post your Minnie...I had a seaming screw-up. I really shouldn't drink and seam, I get so cavalier with it...

Persnickety Knitter said...

Mr. Wonderful doesn't look too happy to be blog fodder, but Uncool Guy sure is.

That was a fun time.