Monday, January 02, 2006

Great Excuse

OK,'s this for rationalizing...or not... because it's not particularly rational thought, but it got the job done.
I had totally decided against buying a new range. Silly extravagance, and after all I made it through the holidays just fine, so what if it has some issues, it'll last forever, waste of money, etc. But THEN...I had a moment of clarity (read rash, selfish consumerism) . I do not deserve to cook on a dying range with a dying oven. I am a baker. I love to bake. I have not really baked since we moved in here except for holidays because it's so depressing. And then...IT happened. Fate stepped in. (I am reaching here, help me...). We do not subscribe to Consumer Reports. It did not seem worth it with a perfectly good library in about every town. Even if ours is only open one day a week. My father last week brought over three issues that he was getting rid of, in case I wanted to read them. I ignored them, and then today I decided that I would recycle them. And what, I ask you, WHAT was on the cover of the top issue?? A complete review of kitchen ranges, cooktops and wall ovens. It was like a sign. Like fate. It was just meant to be. So, I did it. I bought the range. It comes Friday, and is not a CR Best Buy, nor is it even on their list. And I don't care! I got it for $775, with a $75 rebate. This softens the blow, this $75 rebate. Another justification! Free delivery, free taking away of Evil Old Range. COOL!! $813 with tax, and I now have a charge account at this large chain appliance center, with a ridiculous line of credit in case I want a hi-def large screen tv, home theater system, refrigerator, and dryer at 22% interest (gag).
I finished a modular shawl for the store the other day - see my adorable model? This is what you'll do for fun at 4am when you can't sleep; you'll stick your dog in a shawl made of expensive hand-dyed silk yarn that belongs to your employer. It is Artyarns Regal Silk and wonderful. I love it. Boo does too. I have some other store projects to do, but have been distracted. I need to make bear samples, P-90 shell samples (in tanks/t-shirts, very flattering thing), and something else...what was, it'll come to me. There's a list here someplace.
Also made two pair of kid sized Berkshire mittens for Gail's Mittsicles class. She will KoolAid dye them as samples for students. This got me thinking...I want to dye some mittens for a treasured child with Valley Yarns Berkshire! I rummaged down cellar and came up with enough Berkshire to make a pair for Aidan. I dyed them this morning and now have to make a hat to match. Then I got to thinking...he needs a more neutral hat and mittens for daily wear, so made him a set with Plymouth Encore and leftover Artyarns from his mom's socks. We'll call it "Holiday Knitting" and tomorrow I will get back to "work knitting" for the store, or design or what have you.
I mailed the plaid section to Annie on Thursday. It arrived today. I am very excited to see it done and on a model someplace!
Girl is broken-hearted. She found a kitten at the Dakin (the small calico in the link pic) and Gene said no. Actually, he said we could put Hannah down first, then get a kitten. Hannah has a bladder condition that is aggrivated by any stress or change in her environment. She's the sick cat of a post previous with candy canes on her head. A 4 month old kitten in the life of a geriatric cat is about as stressful as it gets, I suppose. This kitten is very similar to Meg's cat Hickory, aka Icky Cat (see pic of Icky at right) who was put down with bladder problems similar to Hannah's only completely out of control. She was a skittery little thing and the slightest change would send her off into hiding, peeing blood and crying, horrible. Evil man. You'd think we had two dogs, two cats and 35 chickens or something. That pic of Hickory, by the way, is on her $110 cat bed. Meg wanted this throw of Fantasia and Charisma, and so I bought it all and knitted it for her. Next thing I knew, the cat has taken it over.


Mary Alice said...

Hey! Cute hat and mitten set! My 3 yarn mosaic stitch socks are now officially named "Just because you can, doesn't mean you have to". Progressing nicely, almost to 1st heel. Thought I'd go to Kathy's drop-in at shop in Easthampton tomorrow night, but with a foot plus expected, guess not.
So here's a question. The two colored ribbing thing. I knit two and then bring purl two, which if I leave that yarn in front leaves a float. If I move it to the back and then bring it up for next purl I get that bump, which is in fact a design feature of this particular mosaic pattern. But in the ribbing it is pretty much a long column of bumps, which will of course have to be repeated for sock two, but which I'm not crazy about. Any thoughts? No luck with goggling two color ribbing- just some off color jokes-haha!
Happy digging out tomorrow!

Melissa said...

Melissa does not dig out. Melissa dug out for 14 years in our old house. Owen dislocated my elbow his first winter with us (scared by plow), and since then I only shovel if I absolutely have! It can curtail knitting for weeks.

I just swatched a bi-color corrugated rib. If I do K2, P1 there is no significant bump and second color peeks thru, but if I change to K2, P2 there is a bump, or ridge created by the purls (purl facing you if looking at right side), which I think is what you mean (need pic!! Need classroom to put hands on sock!!)They sort of pook-out at me. That is a function perhaps of tension, so maybe loosen up, but I think it will always be there to some degree, tho may smooth on blocking.

We need a yahoo group folder to stick question photos. We need a yahoo group! "Melissa-Knits Online Drop-In Knitting"!!

mary alice said...

I do miss the masters yahoo group. I'd have to figure out the digital camera and I am never happy with the picture quality, blah, blah blah. any way these socks are so cool!! We will discuss in person at some point. If I had just done two color fair isle on a size smaller needle it probably would have been snug enough for the ribbing. As it is, it looks very boucl-ey which is fine- a design element!, but there has to be another way, hummm?

Melissa said...

I vote that I petition Pixie to let me start a new Webs- "No Longer Masters Now We're Experts" group.