Sunday, January 22, 2006

Nah Ta Kaht

Can't be a cat. Just not a cat. It's a dog. Or a person. But it is most definitely not a cat.
1.) This is not his bed, nor is it his young mistress' bed . It is MY bed.
2.) That is not his book, it is MY book. But he was reading it, apparently.
3.) I do not like cats. I like this animal. Ergo, NAH TA KAHT!
I have never seen a cat so completely at ease in his surroundings that he will fall asleep, belly up like an old dog. This animal is hysterical, amazing and wonderful. He also has a cool trick of tripping humans coming upstairs, or going down, in an attempt to force affectionate interludes. It cannot be a cat. It is a total dog in a cat suit. He and Hannah continue to adapt. There has been no flying fur, but he's pushed himself into her space, and into her face, and she hisses, and he turns his head and all is well. He seeks her out, so we sort of figure if they get into it, it's his own fault! He does not fight back and if she gets mad enough she will pursue and attack, as she's done with the dogs (both of whom tower over her). He spends most of his time above stairs (ON MY BED!!) reclining as above, and reading Jane Austen (apparently). Next he's reading George Eliot. But for now he's on a J.A. kick.
Not much in knitting today. I decided officially on Rogue for the Olympics, in part because I think it's high bloody time and then there is the possibility of completing it in company (if she picks a yarn). I tinked Gene's toe-up socks and decided on simple spiral ribs. I was getting very frustrated with the toe up pattern on hand, and am not in the mood to rush out and buy more books on any subject, and not even in the mood to think it through. Somewhere around here in an older needlework book there is a very detailed explanation of various sock methods, including toe up and afterthought heels. Can I find it?? Could I find it last night before I tinked the damn socks? Of course not. In a fit of hormonal rage I ripped the whole thing out and started again over a chocolate martini. If nothing else, it'll ensure maximum length from the questionable yardage. LOVE the yarn (Artyarns Handpaint Stripes), but a little worried about the yardage making it long enough for Gene's preferences.
I bought baby shower supplies for KF this weekend. Very fun. The theme is...(it's ok, she does not have a p.c.) DUCKIES! They were SO cute. I snagged a bunch of pink stuff to accent with so we're not gender biased in either direction. I am going back for rubber duckies in leis and hawaiian shirts to float in the punch bowl, Meg is convinced we can find ocean blue punch. I got a 3-D ducky cake pan, you know, like the little lamb cake people always had on Easter, with coconut and white frosting (only this will be a yellow iced baby ducky in a white fondant bonnet with blue and pink flowers floating on a half sheet cake pond) and tested it (yummy chocolate duck and worked too!). I wrote out invitations, and will do envelopes tomorrow and want to get them in the mail ASAP. Some of the addresses are sketchy. The manner in which we conduct our lives in the modern era seems to leave us less aware of the details of each other's lives. Who needs an address when we can call or email? This shower thing is turning into great fun. We have a visit to the hospital soon, and another ultrasound this week. It's getting close. Had a talk today about plastic versus cloth, and what one truly needs on hand for the first month or two versus all the crap they try to sell you, like Diaper Genies and Baby Wipe Warmers and a zillion plastic infant containers. They've done no shopping. Nada. None. I got her a co-sleeper, so it'll have a bed for six months at least. Other than that it's got a couple of crocheted and knitted things (some by mom, some by Auntie Mel- OMG. I have the same name as the cat. Well, that won't work. Auntie Liss??) and not much else. It's hard for me to remain unbiased and give balanced opinions. I am a mostly cloth diapers, breast fed only, co-sleeping kind of girl. I have to balance that, offer the pros and cons of both, and try to be Nurse-Educator not Rabid Friend with Nutty Environmental/Dietary/Parenting Beliefs. She gets enough of that from others. Everyone thinks they are right, and they all say so, and loudly too. I figure my job is to say "They're all basically right, it's just what works best for you that counts." (While pointing at a landfill and crying silently, like the Native person in the old commercial...) I've had experience with Aidan on all of this. It is not for me to dictate or force my ideals, or create an environment of mistrust or disagreement. It is my job to promote harmony, open communication, and a safe place to spill one's guts. And hope everyone thinks like me in the end, of course!!

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