Friday, January 20, 2006

Olympics...but which "event"??

I have decided to join the Knitting Olympics . The difficulty lies in choosing a project that is difficult for me to complete in 16 days. Bear in mind that I am throwing a baby shower in there someplace, and my stepson is coming home to visit for a weekend which involves wine and song and late nights, so there will be some impediments...
I am limiting myself to the following personal rules:
  • Must be something I have on hand, no shopping for pattern or yarn
  • Must stretch myself
  • May be, but does not have to be, designed by me
  • Ideally would be something FOR me!!

Ideas so far:

  • Rogue Hoodie which has been on hold forever, and takes a perpetual backseat to all else.
  • DH's Dale sweater on 3's which is not far on and could be tinked and restarted on Feb. 10th.
  • Lace Weight Shawl, as complicated as I can find around here.
  • The planned bag of Berk Bulky garment. Can't say what it is, because it is a surprise, but know that it involves slash pockets and a zipper.
  • Variety pack of tank tops, all Dale patterns and all sitting in bins since last summer when I swore I'd take some time to knit them for myself.(all three in 16 days)
  • Ultra-Personal Berkshire sweater, using only colors and amounts on hand, design as I go, intarsia and much color.
  • Any combination of the above if I finish the selected item too quickly. Which can happen if I get carried away.

Well...That narrows it down...I am VERY willing to take opinions - please, help me pick!!.


Jess said...

Go for one of the Dales!

Melissa said...

I would have, if I had not gotten distracted and done about 3" on DH's Dale pullover, so that was out of the running, and then decided that I really really really really want to make the Rogue for myself. I've been planning ot for a long time but keep putting it off. I figure the Olympics should be a little selfish. Just a little...and if I get it done I will start the Dale Sisik cardigan. Maybe I can get two done for me for a change!