Saturday, January 07, 2006

EX-TREE...EX-TREE!! Read All About It!!!

Is this not beautiful?? This is non-knitting related, but still, IMHO, worthy of commentary. The most joyful event in the life of a baker occurred yesterday. We had a most welcome new arrival to the kitchen here at MelissaKnits' home base. Is it not the most beautiful thing?? The oven is a vast cavern. It is freaking huge! The bottom is flat, with recessed heating element which means I can bake directly on the oven floor. This is actually a huge benefit for a lot of foods - crusty breads, pies...even, I suppose, the occasional pizza. The top rack is split to make room for taller items, while still allowing a half-rack space for smaller things. Example: While a tall ham bakes on left side of oven, oysters and a tray of dinner rolls can fit on the right side. There was great rejoicing and celebrating, even though I have not been allowed to turn it on yet. It has spent Thursday night and all of Friday in a truck with temps well below freezing, and I was warned by the kind delivery boys to allow it 24 hours to come to house temp before using it. I will not make it to 24 hours. I plan to make breakfast this morning for Brendon and Leighann when they arise.
If Brendon dares show his face in my kitchen after last night...we went for Chinese last night when they arrived. We had a wonderful meal at my all-time favorite Chinese and Sushi place. Lots of good food, good conversation, much fun. We left the Chinese place with the intention of coming home and cracking a bottle of wine and playing board games, which we do a couple of times a year with these guys as we enjoy them a great deal. They stopped on their way back and grabbed a couple of bottles of wine. Brendon opened one and found it to be displeasing...rather, he said, like vodka flavored with grape juice. I sipped a bit and agreed, definately vodka with grapes waved over the pot, and bad vodka at that. I said it was nothing compared with something, like, say, my Octagon that Kristie gave me for Christmas. "WHAT!?!" said Brendon "You have a $32 bottle of wine and we're drinking this crap?? OPEN IT!! Give it to me!! I'll open it!!" Feeling festive with Meg getting her license, and company in the house and the new range in the kitchen waiting for today, I gave way and handed over the precious bottle. Brendon took the corkscrew and began to uncork this little taste of wine heaven. As we chatted gaily around him I heard a low "Uhhh....Uh-oh..." and turned to see Brendon holding a broken cork stuck to the corkscrew in one hand, and the sacred bottle in the other. I gasped. "YOU CORKED MY WINE!!!!!!!!!!!!" I was crestfallen. "Not yet." He said and showed me the bottle, with a tiny chunk of cork blocking the wine about as low in the neck as you can go and NOT be corked. After some attempts to retrieve the cork piece we gave up and whacked it down into the bottle. It got him back by spitting wine directly into his eye, which I felt was fair and just. I poured myself a nice glass of cork dust blended with formerly excellent wine. Siiiggh...It is, after all, only wine. And I did, after all, not actually pay for it. I told Gene that for my birthday I would like a bottle of Octagon, please. Better yet, BRENDON could pay for an inclusive wine weekend at the winery from whence it came!!
Tomorrow is Aidan's Second Birthday Party. I wish I had knitted him a sweater. I wonder if I have time today to do so. You know...I bet I have more than enough time to crank out a 2T sweater by 1pm tomorrow. Stay tuned....


Persnickety Knitter said...

Your new stove is lovely -- makes me envious. My stove is an old piece of crapola. Is that a flat cooktop I see? Let me know how you like that.

Melissa said...

This is my second flat top. My first was a GE we had in Northfield that replaced my 15 year old Kenmore with the mouse nest in the insulation (sneaky little buggers). I did not love it. I was going to get a coil top, but then did some research and discovered that there have been big changes and improvements, which were proved this morning. I LOVE the thing!!