Sunday, January 29, 2006

Weekends are made for KNITTING.

And nothing but knitting. And I think this should be a law. A legally enforcable law. What a weekend...with not a lot of knitting... grandson here overnight (he's not really cooperative lately with the whole knitting thing, being into the whole "terrible two" thing all of a sudden), and a trip to a birthday party for which we had delayed getting a gift. Nothing like last minute shopping! As a result we were late, of course. BUT not too late, as my dad pulled in just ahead of us. My husband did get two loads of laundry done today, with Aidan's assistance. I am usually not sure why Gene does laundry, but I don't protest...that would be self defeating. ("Oh, no, no darling...don't sully your hands on those dirty clothes...let ME put down my needles and rush over and do it for you..." NOT.) It's like when he goes ballistic with the vaccum. We all just stay out of the way and are grateful. I did buy some yarn for myself for socks, and also some to swatch for Rogue. Crisis of buy or not to buy. I do not love the yarn on hand. It is a bit uneven and the result is some lopsided stitches. This is most disagreeable. I really can't stand it for this project. This project, since it's waited so long, needs to be P-E-R-F-E-C-T. Theoretically if I like the Stockbridge swatch, it's $4.00 a ball, and I could probably, given the price point, excuse the purchase of 1600 yards for my self. On the other hand, I DID just buy the Silk Garden for myself. Much to decide.
I did manage to start a baby sweater for the petite unborn. The baby weighed 4.5 pounds on Friday and is due March 18th. I am making the 6-9 mo size...I sense that this is not a tiny baby we're talking about here. This pattern is from an ancient Beehive booklet. The yarn is Filatura Di Crosa Millefili Fine and I love it. Makes great little cotton garments for spring babies! The real color is on the right. It washed out because I took the pic with no flash (the flash washed out the lace!) I am enjoying it a lot. I have the fronts half done, cute little raglan cardigan thing on size 3's. I will post pics of all with bootees and hat when it's done.
Zero progress on the crocheted jacket since the meeting Friday. I am into lacy baby things this weekend, selfish little knitter (and hooker). Swatching Rogue and making baby things seem more important. But I love the way the Silk Garden feels, crochets, and looks. Will I wear it is the question! My wardrobe tends toward very neutral redneck-y things that let me blend into the background of life. "Don't look at me", my wardrobe screams. Well, it's time it started shouting out a little. I guess. We'll see. And if I don't have the guts, I will pass it along to someone who does, no harm no foul. I love the way it looks so far, really really love it. Love the stripes, and love the density of the fabric.
This brings me to what I do not love today. I do not love this yarn for Rogue. I am displeased. My reserve to make myself use it is waning. Not sure you can see that the stitches are not perfect, which for me is an issue. My vision of Rogue is somewhere between the rustic and the sublime. I am not getting anything close to sublime from this yarn. Once I have swatched it with the Stockbridge a decision will have to be made...I really had planned on getting the baby sweater done this weekend and swatching the Stockbridge in the morning, but Aidan sort of crimped that plan a bit. Criminy. You can't even see that there is a cable on the thing can you. Try this instead....if I'd known a blog was in my future I would have gotten a better digital camera. The color is right on the right, and the cable better visible on the right. If only my camera would combine color and's also supposed to eliminate red eye, and does not at ALL, in fact makes Aidan look demonic and the cat truly evil. I hate that. Distressing!
When we were shopping for wrapping paper for Miles' birthday gift and Kristie's baby shower gifts I found this very cool black cat bed lined with leopard print. I have wanted a bed for Hannah for ages because she will not stay off my lap; she's constantly cold. There were great plans for knitting and felting or sewing one, but I really don't have time right now. Yet I feel horribly sorry for her old bones. She's lost a lot of weight in the past couple of months, which - if she had not already been on the decline - I might blame on Mel. She's just changing, is 15, and it is to be expected. Gene and I arged about this sucker. He said she'd hate it, I said she'd love it (but secretly thought I'd have to work her up to it). I brought it home and set it down and stuck her in. She curled up, laid down, and started licking the leopard! She's barely been out of it since. There is a lot of sitting and observing and a lot of curling up and sleeping. Isn't she, in her geriatric sleep sack, gorgeous?


Persnickety Knitter said...

Like the pattern on the baby sweater.
I'm confused about your Rogue swatches -- is the natural colored one the smelly coned yarn or the new Stockbridge? And what is the light blue one? Or are those really the same and the color is just off on the blue one???
The cat's coloring seems to match the cat bed perfectly. But why did you buy a cat bed when you could have joined the Cat Bed Knitting team for the Olympics. ;)

Melissa said...

There is no blue...only bad pictures that alter the color. The natural swatch and the "blue" swatch are one and the same. Both pictures are done in the coned yarn from the warehouse that has no name. Stockbridge is the new (one of the new)yarn, and I just got a swatch done in each of my two colors possibilites last night. I LOVE stockbridge. it is very soft, resiliant, does not have the full bounce of wool, but has enough wool to give it great body. It's 50/50 wool-alpaca.

Cat bed knitting team - HAH! The knitted cat bed is about the bottom of my list right now, down by "lace weight shawl to pop in hope chest for possible future grandchildren"