Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Flea Fish Ewe A Mare Egrets Moose Panda Hippo Gnu Deer!

Christmas is, I have decided, a lovely time. And Kathy may be right, I just needed to be given a gift to open my heart, just like the Grinch. Meg got me this DVD set that she knows I adore. She snaked this whole thing around me, told me she'd gotten me a book, got my dad to order it so I would not know...I was surprised and THRILLED, but did point out to her the evils of such a choice. By buying and giving she will now be subjected to watching, over and over. I am enamored of things Elizabeth I. I spent Christmas Day very sick in my tummy, with chills and many visits to the porcelain god for various forms of worship. I had viral gastroenteritis. It started early, and the worst was a mere few hours, but the recovery had been more difficult than expected. I still feel a bit woozy on and off, and want to sleep a lot. And I will eat, feel fine, then ten hours later feel quite unwell for a bit.
Thinking about making this I am cold, and very sick of winter! I bought a bag of Filatura Di Crosa Super Soft at the sale yesterday with this in mind...rare for me to buy bulky, but maybe if it's fast I can fit in a little something for me. The last thing I made for me I gave away. Although I did knit this hat for me yesterday. This was an impulse buy. I had not intended to buy the Silk Garden, but then I touched it while shopping, and thought "Hey, isn't the Flat Top Hat in Modular Knits one ball of this stuff? Just one little ball....." and now I want ten balls to make the MD vest to match. And Meg wants one, so I can make another, but told her she had to buy her own yarn. Also impulse buys, I bought For the Love of Knitting 2006 calendar and Melanie Falick's Knitting for Baby (for Kristie, for Christmas, so justified??). And much cooler than usual Vermont Yankee Where-to-Run-In-Case-Of-Meltdown calendar.
Here's the modular scarf I decided to do in st st instead of gs, and I do like it more than the gs of the original. It has 3 gs sts at the edges to prevent roll. I like the way it is coming along, but don't really have time for it any more this week. It was my mindless Dr Who knitting. Brendon got his father 3 Dr Who dvds and they've been the hit of the holiday for Gene. Yesterday he got Star Wars Episode III from Netflix. I watched it with him and now have such a sense of completion, and my own antiquity. I was 10 the year Star Wars opened. GASSSP!! Gene, though, was 16, which made me feel better.
Started the
Modular Shawl for the store for classes in's moving along nicely and also will be a mindless tv project. I need occasional distractions from things like the plaid. I worked on plaid yesterday from about 11am till it was time to go get Megan, about 4pm. I then took a much needed Flat Top hat break. Today I began with the MD shawl, and after lunch will plaid for a while. It gets heavy as it grows, and the purling hurts my wrist after a bit so I have to break with some nice gs project.
AIDAN OUTGREW HIS GANSEY!! Eight weeks! I started it about 8 weeks ago and he grew about 2 inches in height and arm length in that short span of time! His mother noticed this as well as she'd just bought 18 mo jeans for winter and he outgrew them as well! Because he's skinny, finding 2T jeans that will fit his skinny butt is impossible, but suddenly, in weeks, his 18 mo ones are high-waters! The moral of the story? When knitting for toddlers, measure OFTEN!!


mary alice said...

OK, so how come you have tiiimmeee??? Happy Happy!! Mary Alice

Melissa said...

You must remember...MelissaKnits has no "real" job, she lives only to knit, feed chickens and play with grandchild! LOL!!

Anonymous said...

And apparently needs no sleep-given the time of the post!! As I know you weren't still partying at that hour!
The blog is great! The picture clarity and color seem perfect- is there a computer person in the family somewhere ;~) I do marvel at blogging knitters- time, time ,time. It is amazing how we CAN find a sense of on-line community.
I'm watching a collection of finches, titmice, cardinals, juncos at my feeder; rallying to face the shoveling. Hey the city ain't so bad. Love ya Mary Alice

Melissa said...

What time was that? I don't remember!
I want to do more with blog, more gallery stuff...time, you see, does cause me some problems as well!!
I miss my birds. We took the feeders down when the bear tried to eat the chickens. He ruined the whole bird experience.