Friday, December 02, 2005

Poor Gene!!

Sometimes I think he just shuts off his ears when I say anything that begins with "I am going to grab some more yarn..." I know I told him about he felted slipper idea. I know I did. Meg and I sat on the floor Wednesday night counting balls of Berkshire to see what we needed. I worked last night. This means I was in the store last night. This, of COURSE, means I bought yarn last night (DUH!!) I got some Berkshire and some non-animal fiber to work up a couple of swatches for Amy Singer's No Sheep For You, and I got some Luna to finish Moe's scarf....not a big trip by any means. But when I came home and he saw the bags there was a look that crossed his face, pain and fear mingled there for a moment and then resignation followed. Poor Gene. I tried relating this to stamps, but it has not gotten me anywhere. I can see the similarity. I am a stash enhancement expert. He should be happy. I'm not out at the mall with my credit card. I'm not redecorating every other year. I am not running around with other men. I wouldn't have time to knit if I did.

OK - this is a little scary. This is the first unfelted Berkshire slipper, and it looks as if it could fit the Jolly Green
Giant. I am a little concerned. On the other hand I learned a lot from Gail Callahan about how to make things felt to where you want them, so worse case scenario, Meg and I are at these slippers with a washboard for a few hours till they get to what we want. It's only six pair of feet...twelve bad can that be?!

Next we have the No Sheep For You thing. Designing for Valley Yarns is one thing. There is a comfort zone, immediate feedback and people I know in charge. I have three ideas. I have a bunch of yarn. What I lack is intestinal fortitude, which has delayed even swatching for weeks. Bawwwk, buk, buk, buk, BAAWWK!!!! I have to push past it.

Then there's the Poor Blessed Plaid. It is so patiently waiting to be completed. It has to go to New Jersey for finishing. I feel badly that Annie is getting all these completed projects while mine languishes in it's box by my chair. So patiently waiting for it's yarn to come so it can be finished. Poor thing.

Meg wore this hat to work last night. It's Scary Red Heart. Today I will recreate the pattern using something non-acrylic. Aidan will be here and hooks are easier to put down than pairs of needles. She received the hat last year as a gift, cute little thing and she loves it, but the Red Heart is bugging me. I don't know how much longer I can look at it. It would be a quickie to crochet. Bet I could have it done in no time!! Oh. The Secret Yarn. This would be perfect in the Secret Yarn. No, I can't tell you. That's why it's called Secret Yarn, duh!! But I will as soon as I can. I promise.

About a year ago I started making this out of leftover Scary Patons yarn.
I want to make it for real, but not with Scary Patons. It's lovely, I think, cuff to cuff with various k/p combinations thrown in. I was thinking about Sugarloaf, then got distracted by drop-in questions and forgot to go grab a ball of each color. But then again, I probably have a partial ball of each color downstairs...Oh, see, I KNOW I do!! Everything happens for a reason! If I'd bought a bunch last night I'd feel a fool today!! Now I can just run downstairs and make a pile of colors. But that's probably another day's job. I need to focus on the slippers. All twelve. Well, no, ten now since one pair is done.

I am really glad that I came to the tag sale that the former owner held here before we moved in. Where else could I have gotten a pink velvet dog bed for $25?? We have never owned a proper sofa, and when I saw the ad in the paper for the tag sale at the very house we were closing on the following week I thought "How perfect! Maybe they'll just leave it there and we won't have to move it!!" They did; left it right in the mudroom where it was on tag sale day. Owen is not allowed on the furniture, as you can see here...he's spoiled, special, and he figures if my mother in law's dog can get up there why can't he? I just gave up. LOOK at him! Who would have the heart to say "Move!!" I can't. My kids are grown. It's time for spoiling of things; dogs, grandson, etc. I can lighten up a little and not say "No" so much maybe. Might be a nice change.


Persnickety Knitter said...

I like the color of the giant slipper -- what yarn is that? I also like the Scary Patons sleeve (I'm guessing it's a sleeve). Although I am not much of a stripe person, I do like the way you put the colors together and the way you added texture.

Melissa said...

BERKSHIRE slippers, what else!!

why are my pics not staying put? they migrated to the other side of the page. maybe they were irritating.

Melissa said...
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LeAnn said...

My bernese, Romy, doesn't nap on the couch, she naps on my queen-size bed! She gets quite annoyed at night when my husband and I get in - she stays until she feels feet nudging her off. Bernese are a great "filler" for grown children! Your knitting it lovely, too.

Melissa said...

Owen can't get onto the beds, they are too high for him, but he tries awfully hard!! He's such a big baby and I adore him.