Monday, December 05, 2005

Scunci Rules!!!

TEN MINUTES to block a silk lace scarf and two pair of socks, including running the scarf onto the wires. No tub of water and eucalan. No spin only cycle, no laying out, just steam, stretch a bit and done. I love my Scunci Steamer! Thank you Annie Modesitt, Walmart and my most beloved husband.
So...I finished my blocking and came in here to upload my pics. My grandson arrived with his mom. I saved the beginnings of my post, and headed out to greet them. I completely forgot that the scarf was spread out on the kitchen floor drying. Not a wise choice. I mean, it's steam, so it'll dry fast, so you'd think the kitchen floor would be a great option. Aidan thought so too. He started at one end, his little workboots fresh from the front yard and the new inch of snow, and ran down the center of the scarf. So nice of Omie to generously put out a cool blue mat to run on. Then he turned and ran back down the (deargodnoartyarnsregalsilk!!!!!!!) scarf and gave us a Big Grin. Omie said "Oh no." softly and put her head in her hands. Mommy said "AIDAN! NO!!" Omie said "Eh, it's too late." and shrugged. We removed he and his workboots from the scarf. It seems ok. I think it will live. And who wouldn't run across it? It was begging for it. The chevrons are big arrows. "Run this way..."
Sarah's Supermerino socks, both pair, were blocked today and did wonderfully well. I am so used to soaking, draining, spin only, lay out, wait forever for things to dry. This thing is a miracle. Zap em with a little steam, tweak them about a little, and they are smooth, perfect. Every stitch in place. Beautiful. Part of that is the yarn, I am sure. I adore the stuff. Ultra, Super, you name it. Just love the stuff; love the colors, the yarn quality, the bounce, texture, softness, spring, you name it. Left sock is after, right is before.
That's all I did today, really....block some stuff and chase a toddler and try to swatch some non-animal fibers. Another LAZY non-knitting day!! Oh, actually, that's kind of a fib. I did something else knitterly. Using the Ruffles scarf as my swatch I taught myself to knit backwards. By backwards, I mean back across the row I just knitted without turning. I can even lift and knit my wrap and turns. I need to hone it more, increase speed, etc, but it was really quite fun once I got past the part with swearing and threatening. I kinda dig it. It seems particularly effective for short rows and also colorwork in pieces and not in the round. If I can get this down and add more strands, I may never have to work color on a purl row again. Pretty darn cool, if you ask me. Too bad I'm not skilled enough to put a little video on here.
I also got two skeins of the secret yarn. No pic must remain invisible for a bit longer. It is, however, VERY cool and I cannot wait to give it more life. I started swatching with it last night for a hat and scarf maybe...or maybe a bag...I cannot decide.
Tomorrow their may be even LESS knitting. We're going to make a last ditch effort to get the remainder of the holiday shopping done in one day. We've done about none thus far. My husband is doing his usual "I don't know what I want...I don't need anything" routine.(GRRR!!) If time permits I may knit him a vest. His office was 52 degrees today when he arrived. Maybe a vest and muffatees!! On the plus side, if we manage to get out for the shopping we will be forced to have lunch out. Very tragic, I am sure.....


Persnickety Knitter said...

I have recently also broken down and purchased the magical Scunci steamer. I got mine at Bed, Bath, and Beyond (or was it Linens and Things... hmmm... one of those stores that sells way more crap than their name suggests). Anyway, I am LOVING mine also. However, I apparently got a different model. Mine does not say 900 on it. It does not have a nbr -- but it does have a light where your nbr is. Mine is maybe a touch bigger in the belly area. You should have seen the scum that came out of the cracks in my refridgerator handle when I steamed it -- icky!

Melissa said...

I cannot believe the crap and skrunk it steams out of places. I can be a bleach freak about three times a year. You'd think I got MOST of the goo!