Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Sincerest Praise

First, an off topic comment. I love this soup. It is from a Betty Crocker grocery store booklet that I snagged at Big Y ages ago (#147, Jan. 1999). And I just LOVE it. I used red quinoa instead of barley. I was all set to use barley, but did not get the quick cooking kind (it's not organic!), so just threw in a grain on hand. It's just really good, warming, nourishing food. I also used stew beef cut into 1/2" pieces. It's also fairly quick, about 1/2 of an hour including prep - but I prep my veggies between the first two stages. Even Gene ate it, and he is not a cabbage fan. Caraway and cabbage are friends though. We did not do the warm crusty whole wheat bun thing this time, although I have in the past.

This is a week of sloth, I swear. We shopped for Christmas yesterday ALL DAY and I am now overcome with scroogedness and grinchdom. I am humbug-ing and bah-ing all over the house. Hours I spend knitting for people to offset holiday cost and still go over budget. I almost bought Aidan a battery powered John Deere Tractor. ***sigh*** The kid is ruining me. Some tree-hugger I am. We settled on Potty Elmo (no pressure, kid, just a suggestion, a little something to think about), a package of die-cast cars, and four board books for birthday. Also a pile of finger paints and brushes for Omie's house. Cannot believe how long it took us to find plain old sloppy, messy finger paint. Apparently it's not allowed any more? Can't wait till Friday morning to let him loose with the stuff. Christmas is between the large train table with wooden track and cars and...I hate to say it...the John Deere!!

I did get some knitting (and a little crochet) done, but not much. I submitted one thing to Any Singer for NoSheep this morning. No pics, sorry. I wanted to do 2 more but ran short on time. I started recreating Meg's hat in some Himalayan rayon that I had hanging around. I was right, it flies along. I will work on it today while she's driving. I expect to have it nearly done by the end of her 2 hour lesson. I am also going to pick up two bottles of that Barboursville wine in exchange for services rendered at my friends's pc. Nice to have a friend who invites you to wine tastings then gives you two bottles of wine for a few of hours of basic pc maintenance. I could teach her how to do it herself, but then I'd be doing myself out of free good wine!

Also on today's menu just as a break from the Christmas thing - something for ME (me, me, me, it's all about ME!!). Someone - and I will not thank them, because I really don't advocate this behavior - disemboweled two skeins of Noro. Into the $2 bin they head, and (thanks to Sarah at the store) into my knitting bag soon after. I am planning to make the Pinwheel Purse from Modular Knits. I love a bag. This is a cute little thing made of center decrease triangles, and when it's started I'll post a pic. And then it's gonna be MINE all MINE!! Ruffles is cruising along, really hastened by the knitting backwards thing. I have another ball to attach and work in and it'll be done. It's fun, easy to knit, works up quick. Even with the backwards thing it still is nearly mindless tv knitting for me, which is a nice break from monster slippers (7 more to go...). They'll be on here again when all 12 are finished. We'll do a before and after pic. Finally, if mimicry is the sincerest for of flattery, then I am flattered beyond reason. The mimicry involves the Sweet Curacao bag. The flatterer is my beloved daughter who is making the bag for her friend Maria for Christmas in the oranges and reds Maria loves. Now, when strangers copy me, or make my patterns, I am flattered. But when one's own teenaged daughter, flesh and blood real live teenager, chooses out of the hundreds of patterns in this house the one you, her mother of all people, designed? Ahhh, folks, that is praise beyond words. Generally I want today to be restful, nourishing, relaxing. I need to return to holiday spirit. The bag gives me a big hug. Girl voluntarily knitting up one of mommy's patterns! It warms the heart, I tell you, it truly does!!


Persnickety Knitter said...

I tried the knitting backwards thing while I was knitting my Ruffles scarf (which has been temporarily abandoned) and I was not thrilled with the technique. But I didn't really give it much of a chance -- maybe I'll have to try it again. When knitting backwards do you wrap with your right hand or left?

Melissa said...

So many expect me to remember this stuff? Let me think...(sipping merlot)...

Left. Emphatically LEFT!