Thursday, December 08, 2005

Pre-Christmas Inventory Reduction

If this is what I have "hanging around" my house why am I busting my tail trying to knit stuff up for Christmas? It occurred to me the other day that what I really needed was to reduce my current inventory of stuff, not knit new stuff. Well. Knit SOME new stuff, but not a huge amount. With this in mind, I have decided to place these items with new owners. Three shawls, two handwoven chenille scarves, knitted scarves times two, felted bags, the fair isle bag, the stranded cap, hats, etc. I may end up keeping a couple, but USING them, not stuffing them back in bins. Like the FA bag, or the Chicken Shawl.

I made up the bits for the Noro Modular Bag yesterday but now don't know what to do with it. It's assembled, blocked and fully lined, has button (very neat vintage button from my grandma's button box, no kidding) but no handle yet. This is how I ended up with the junk above. I knit a thing, I say "Oh, that's cute." or "That is the ugliest thing I have ever seen!"and throw it in a bin. Except for the woven scarves - those my husband weaves and tries to sell with varying success. I don't usually do a thing more than once. I make it, and move on. I think this is why design appeals to me. Think it, swatch it, make it, and move on. Neeext!! Have some ideas in my head right this minute that need to be written down, ASAP.

Welcome Secret Yarn! This is Berkshire Bulky dyed exclusively for Valley Fibers by Great Adirondack. There will be a worsted version as well. It is very very fun. I am still seeing mainly accessories, but am trying to expand the scope. My personal preference is for smaller gauge, and it is hard for me to envision bulky projects. My daughter helps. Bulky and baggy are her things. She lets me know when I am way off base, or getting warm. This is color Grapevine. So far in my head there is a scarf and hat set, minimally one felted bag, a second scarf and hat (crocheted), and a snuggly warm vest. After Christmas I may sit and draw all of that. I probably should do it today before it rolls out the other side of my brain and I am onto something else. I cannot get the pic to look proper. Either over or under lit...can't get a decent shot that's truly reflectve of the depth of the colors and it is annoying the poo out of me. After two days I am quitting and posting these. You have got to believe that the color is just amazing and these pics are NoT doing it justice by a long shot. I want to do a sweater in the woven looking st. Also tried a brioche rib, a bobbly-concoction, and some good ole st st. The weavy one is my fave. I loooove it, moves the color around, prevents pooling. Dig it a LOT!

In spite of the above gift pile, I still need to finish 7 slippers. I ordered some sheet suede from an eBayer - beautiful stuff, but now have to cut it and make it into soles. The sheets are larger than I expected. I feel I got my money's worth from the deal. It was about $25 with shipping and I got enough suede to sole about 30 pair of slippers. I thought the piece was much smaller, so got two. I would have been good with enough for 15 pair. Now my workroom smells of leather, which is a nice cozy aroma.


Persnickety Knitter said...

I LOVE the woven-looking stitch with that yarn too. What stitch is it? I'm wondering what colors that new yarn will come in -- can't seem to find it on the Webs site.

Melissa said...

The stitch is called Very Cool Weavey Thing (sips merlot again), and it goes something like this:

R1: *Pass r needle behind first st, k second st, then k first st.
R2: P1 *p second st, p first st *, p1