Thursday, December 15, 2005

She Bought the Farm

And a boat, and a train and a red muppet who pees on the pot, and a pile of books. Also finger paints, a smock, brushes, and I think we'll need an easel soon (I feel an Ikea trip coming on....).
The finger painting was a smash hit. It was hysterical. At first he looked at us like we'd gone mad, and would only use brushes. Then he went wild and the next thing I knew he was face down in the stuff, running his hands through it, grinning big.

In knitting news...I started a second silk modular scarf, the chevron one. I finished ruffles, and started a store sample modular scarf for a class in spring. Girl and Pixie picked the colors, and I was not loving them. Then today, when I shot them for this page, I inverted the colors for the heck of it. Kind cool. Contrast in vivid reality. And about the felted slipper plan...we don't talk about the felted slippers. It was ugly. It ended very badly. I now have a collection of wonderful felted cat beds. It is something I cannot even discuss. Hours I spent. And a huge amount of Berkshire. I put them through the washer four times in hot water with jeans and tennis balls. I also felted a bag at the same time and it came out exactly as it should have. But the slippers? No way. It's not width or length so much. It's height. They don't fit comfortably at all. They look beds. Like those cat sacks they sell in stores, only cuter. I've decided I hate slippers anyway. Who needs 'em??

But I looooove.... Angry Constipated Christmas Sheep!! I bought this last year about a week before Christmas. He poops licorice jelly beans when pushed. He's just so adorable! He's on my secretary desk with the ancient crepe paper tree my kids made during our impoverished youth (theirs and mine, thank you very much). My husband thinks I should let the tree go. When hell freezes I will consider it. My babies made that thing. They made ornaments for family that year. Golf Tee Angels, Felt Fish, Baby Sock SnowPeople. And one cardboard and crepe paper tree, with construction paper ornaments and glitter garland, and a tin foil angel with wool hair.

And now an embarrassing personal note....I really really stink at remembering important days. It's not that I don't remember exactly, it's just that I forget to remember the week before when I should have been planning. Yesterday we'd been out since mid-morning and it was now 2pm...we're driving through town, shopping, planning for party that's here Saturday, Girl had driver's ed driving time, busy-busy housewife stuff... I say "What's the date today?" And Girl says "December 14th."...and then I think for a second, and I laugh and shake my head at the irony. I did it again. I FORGOT MY WEDDING ANNIVERSARY! I have nothing. I don't want to shop any more. I hate feeling trapped into finding a gift as if it somehow reflects some level of personal commitment. He needs nothing and wants nothing. Neither do I. We just went through this regarding Christmas gifts. We could go out to dinner, which we usually do, but it's ten degrees, and our favorite (Non-Disney World) place is closed. I had a flash of inspiration. "I will make him a pair of mittens and a batch of chocolate chip cookies!" I've been not baking because of his cholesterol, and he loves cookies. I have three hours. I managed to get the cookies done and Mitten number one presentable. So here we have an image of a nearly completed Pattern-Free Bad Wife Mitten based on a fast swatch and a couple of measurements. I am writing it down as I go in case I like it when it's done. It's Classic Elite Wings from a failed project, double stranded. I was thinking of following it with a Bad Wife Hat and Scarf, and definitely Bad Wife Gloves. It's quite squashy and warm, and I'm hoping there's enough left to make a pair for myself. I'm always frozen.

Off and shopping again today, but for a good cause.... A. needs a kid sized baking set for making cookies with Omie and Girl! Tomorrow is Day One of the Official Melissa Christmas Bake-a-thon. It's when I get my Christmas Spirit back. I hope. Otherwise I will indeed be green and dragging Max behind me on Christmas Day.

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