Wednesday, November 30, 2005


Things are moving along. We've got both pair of Sarah's Supermerino Socks done(upper right), Leighanne's modular shawl (lower left), Aidan's Snakes and Ladders Gansey half done (top left), and Maureen is getting Ruffles from Scarf Style in Classic Elite Lush (lover right). I am bummed about the color washing out on the Gansey (#662, Denim). It's really very pretty, a closeout from Webs of an acrylic/angora blend and is not as cold as it looks here. We're going to juice up Moe's scarf by adding a second color, another red, randomly. You'll see, after Thursday when we go in for work and can fill our shopping list. Also will start six pair of felted clogs for family members later today. My mother in law's sweater is already done and was featured in a previous post. This morning is a little hectic already. Something is wrong with Gene's cat (ALERT: gross detail coming up)

This morning as Gene was leaving he stopped cold and said "Uh-oh...somebody frowed up!"
Yes, an adult man of 43 with four grown kids and a grandchild and a decent education said "frowed up." I got down to clean it up and saw a "coffee grounds" appearance, which usually means old blood. Hannah is 15 and had a rough life before she came here. So we look at the old cat and we think "Why three weeks before Christmas??" She's got mild renal disease, as does one of our dogs...and a few weeks ago had a UTI. She will be watched today closely. This could be a one-shot deal. She's had issues with vomiting in the past. It could be a fluke, and could even be coffee grounds (though I doubt it, she's a finicky thing. Persnickety even.)

As promised unrelated to knitting "baby" picture. This is Tut, the Boy King. He has no comb yet, but we assume he is a boy based on personality. He is a Delaware. Behind him is a Blue Orpington or two, and two Buff Minorcas. I think Tut'll replace my five year old rooster, Napoleon. They get along well so far, which is a good sign that Tut can stay and Nap will tolerate his presence. If Tut proves to be a hen, all the better as we're very attached to him now. The rest of the little cockerels will become soup/roast. This little guy is very outgoing, and reminds me of a person in a chicken suit as Napoleon did before him. Generally speaking I do not encourage emotional attachment to your food, and usually will be very attentive to the pullets and ignore the cockerels. Tut does not allow you to ignore him. He's been a pet since their first day here, when he assaulted and murdered a very ugly spider the size of his head that had been hiding in the shavings. I fell in love with him right then and there.

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Persnickety Knitter said...

Ah, a cat after my own heart (not the barfing part, the finicky part). But how can you torture the poor sick cat by putting that hat on her? Oh, and I'm sooooo surprised that you are the only one on blogspot that has an interest in poultry antiquities, whatever that is (maybe really old chicken parts?). You're just asking for more chicken-themed gifts for Christmas, aren't you?

Melissa said...

We only did the cat in the hat trick once, it's an old pic from 2000. Gene bled for that shot.

LOL! Old Chicken Parts!! That's it!! It's really old and rare varieties of poultry...and dear God please no more chicken gifts!! We just boxed them all up in preparation for the 2005 holiday giving season.

Ginger said...

I miss my chickens. We have one left after all the developement in our are displaced the coyotes and they found my house. 3 yars without an incident then . . . whammo . . . 2 dozen chickens down to 1 (and 2 silly moscovey boys).