Friday, November 18, 2005

So We Begin.

Appropriately enough with Owen, in his Valley Yarns Shelburne Hoodie Man-Cho . . . just because I can. And isn't he adorable? I do not routinely dress my dog in ponchos. This was a test for a friend who needed a quick-knit children's hooded poncho pattern in fun fur at 3 sts/inch. I had no fun fur so knit it in Shelburne instead. Now he actually likes the thing, and comes running when we pick it up.
I'm feeling famous today. Twice mentioned in the Webs Holiday flyer with two designs, Berkshire Felted bag and Megan Shawl Collar Cardigan. But I flatter myself. The truth is, I got lucky. The question is can I follow up with more?


Tamara said...

Love the colors on that bag. I may have to make that someday. By the way, I hope you are kidding about the lighthouse made of olive pits -- scary.

sborja1 said...

I am french; my english is not very good.
I knit a lot since a long time, sewing too, but I never learnt.
I understood that you were teacher of knitting. How can you do that? Do you learn in a school for children or is it for adults?

Melissa said...

not kidding about olive pits.

I teach adults in classes at my local yarn store

Anonymous said...

That dog is a woosey !