Sunday, November 27, 2005

Wasted Morning.

Totally wasted. Big deal, the tree is up, the house is clean, the citrus trees brought in, cleaned and placed. Dishes are done and put away, counters cleaned. Everything is tidy and snug. AND I HAVE DONE ALMOST NO KNTTING ALL DAY LONG!!!!!!!!!!!! Such waste. I did finish my modular shawl/scarf, and found a source for blocking wire (my dad is a welder and happens to have on hand a quantity of stainless steel wire for tig welding in 3 foot lengths)

Speaking of modular knitting....I love Iris Schreier's methods. I've spent a lot of time reading this weekend, and working on this scarf. I love the idea of learning to read your knitting. It appeals to me and to my style of teaching. I want my knitters to "read" their knitting. I think it's possible that all Christmas projects will be made modular so I can keep studying....

Also accomplished much plaid yesterday until I ran out of yarn. More will arrive soon. OR this will be the last project that Lark gets for
Annie Modesitt's Men Who Knit book. But it won't be for lack of trying. I can't wait till it's done, yarns run in, blocked and shipped back to NJ so I can feel some sense of completion...of closure. Me and that plaid, we've come a long way together. I have learned so much from the experience, and hope I get more experiences of similar nature in future...if I don't get fired first for bugging the boss lady for more yarn. I want to get working on Christmas socks and scarves, but feel guilt if I pick up anything non-plaid. Eh, it'll work out! The yarn will come and in the meantime I will go swatch for my sister in law's requested slitted scarf. I have no clue where we're going with this, but we'll see. She saw a picture somewhere, described it to me, and "wants one". We'll see if it's even close to her vision when it's done!


Persnickety Knitter said...

I can't believe you already have your Christmas tree up AND decorated. Looks pretty. Also, I'm loving the blue scarf.

Melissa said...

HAH!! I've GOT IT! This is what comes of having no blog experience and little computer sense. I must APPROVE the comments, silly me!!