Monday, November 28, 2005

What's in Your Bag?

Peace is in my bag. He had a rough weekend. My oldest stepson (old enough to know better) is a fidgety boy. When he was sixteen and I'd take him someplace in my car he'd forever fidget with knobs and buttons and handles till I wanted to smack him. Then there were the candles. We can't burn candles when Brendon is home, or he plays with them. Sometimes he gets quite creative with the warm, malleable wax. This time it was Peace who got the Brendon Treatment. He's since been unbound, but he kind of represents how I feel today. I feel squashed.

Yesterday I got a pair of socks done for holidays. Today we'll start Moe's slitted scarf and finish another pair of socks, and swatch for felted clogs.

The weather is not kind to me. I think that when we hit retirement age (when Gene retires - I have no job) we will be SnowBirds, spending our summers here in New England and our winters in Florida or Georgia. The Christmas list grows while I sleep (literally). I wake up and say "Oh, by jinks, I need (fill in the blank with simple but time consuming gift idea) for (fill in the blank with name of family member or friend)". Anything outside of my personal plans feels burdensome. Taking Meg to driver's ed is now feeling like a chore. I suppose I can use the time wisely, sit and knit at Kristie's booze store while I wait for the kid, get my creme de cacao and creme de banana for pies...yeah. It'll be useful time well spent!

You know what...we have not put a picture of the chicks on here. We must. Later today I will update this and add a pic of the babies. They are such darlings. They're getting old. I can't wait for spring and eggs on top of eggs. Eggs galore! I love eggs. Cheap protein from vegetarian feather bearers delivered to my door every morning.

You are a wonderful fluffy novelty yarn. Take your
pick! Lots of fun and full of exhuberance. You
are very social and mix well with all types of
people. Very playful and endearing.

What kind of yarn are you really??
brought to you by Quizilla

I don't know...I don't see myself this way at all. I may have to take this I am merino. That actually makes more sense. I feel like hand-dyed merino, ala Artyarns.


Persnickety Knitter said...

Yeah -- playful, fluffy, and very social -- not the first words that come to mind when I think of you. I'm not sure which words DO come to mind -- but they're good ones, don't worry. ;-) Oh, and I noticed you have "Sensational Knitted Socks" in your bag next to the hostage bear. How is that book?

Melissa said...

I love the sock book. Love, love, love it. I use it a lot. I want to make Gene a pr before Christmas from the book, the cover pair actually. GREAT book!! And becasue I was in Maine when she was at the store, great Unsigned book. (whine)