Tuesday, May 27, 2008

You Tell Me

I have been musing of late on creativity and flow and ebb of same. I am about to head full-force into writing and designing and knitting. In the interim I am unable to concentrate or focus on any large project and have become obsessed with EZ small items, like Ganomy (Sheep One, US9, pithy directions). Mittens (Amherst, US6, winged 'em). Tri-Cornered Tam (Berkshire, US6, winging it). I also knitted a super simple top-down pullover and mittens. I feel internally driven to seek comfort in these items that I could do with my eyes shut really. Is this prep work, or avoidance? Is this like playing Mine Sweeper for days and hours straight before my nursing boards, only to finish that exam in 50 minutes (55 questions in 50 minutes. Five test questions, 50 needed to pass the boards. I am just guessing that I got 50 questions right)? It feels like it did then. This knitting has the same obsessive pull, I can't stop, I keep going on mindless, or painfully mindful, I am not sure which. Stuff churns in my brain all day and all night. Nothing gets written down but a lot percolates and brews and stews in my brain endlessly. It's almost painful. Writing, when it commences in earnest, will be a break from the relentless hammering in my head.
This weekend was stellar. First, Cummington was Saturday. I was thrilled to meet up with Leslie Wind and trade her books for a shawl pin. I own two already, and two of her beautiful, amazing cable needles, but more is always good.
I love her stuff. All of it. I attended Cummington wearing earrings my kid made me from stuff I (mostly) obtained from Webs Beads. I am not a beader, but I know where to find one (most often on my computer or in my refrigerator rooting for snacks). I love my roosters.
I signed for Barb Parry again, at Foxfire Fiber. It was awesome once again! I saw a bunch of knitters and Ravelers, made some new converts, and signed every book she had on hand. This always makes me happy. In all honesty, I generally assume no one will show up and I will be a disappointment to whoever my host is. When they all sell, I am very, very happy. Small sellers, be they yarn or book, reaping benefit always makes me smile.
I bought nothing. I had no money. When we arrived at the gate I realized I had not more than $3.50 in my wallet. Luckily I had Girl and Gerbil and Jules in tow, and announced as we approached the gate that everyone needed to contribute to the $8 parking fee in equal shares. This left me with $1.50 for coffee, and no lunch or water which became an issue when I stood up at 1:30 to leave and realized I was starving and dehydrated. Mr. Wonderful was pleased upon my return, when I entered with not so much as a whiff of fleece or yarn, or even soap (my sheep show weakness). Someday I am coming home with one of these moebius shawls from Moonshine Design at Keldaby Farm. I have wanted one forever, like since back before Webs, back when I entered the Cummington fairgrounds as a Red Heart/Lion Brand user and left with a Turkish spindle and a bag of Romney, forever changed. Wool. I found wool.
But I digress. We were discussing Cummington! Yes, after signing, I headed home to prep for a gathering of friends that I have been trying to make happen for six months. The official Sample Knitters Party was on.
I had a fabulous time. This is a helluva group of women and knitters. And Dena? She has a Margarita recipe that makes your hair stand on end. Mary Alice makes an amazing pineapple salsa. Katy and Tammy and Cindy bring flowers, which I never get (Mr. W. is not so much the flowers kind of guy, although he certainly knows how to impress women by feeding them on demand). Kristen seems to enjoy Mojitos a great deal. She also got stopped on her way up, but kept coming anyway in spite of my living "in the middle of nowhere". Luckily it was just a warning. Rue made yummy sachets for everyone (I shall not repeat what I did with mine. There was tequila involved. Ans what happens at Melissa's house stays at Melissa's house, man.), and brought wine. We got so loud we scared not only Mr. W, but also another on-looker, who's still not fully recovered. I've decided it's good for him (character building), so I am planning a repeat event later in the summer with more fiber this time.
Now, the question. You tell me. Is the obsessive knitting healthy, or not healthy? Is it cleaning out my head, or making more clutter? Is it preparation, or avoidance?
Uh oh. Mr. Wonderful just left for a ride. And he didn't check the radar. And I hear thunder again. This ought to be fun...he'd better come back in one piece. Otherwise who's going to man the grill?


Yarnhog said...

I'm gonna go with cleaning out your head. Before my law school exams, I used to compulsively play Sonic the Hedgehog. And clean. And almost anything that would distract me from exams. I finished first in my class, so don't underestimate the power of a good "head cleaning." Oh, now, that just sounded gross. Sorry.

PurlingPirate said...

Oh man, I wanna be at your parties!!! Sounds like fun!!!

Hmm...I'm going to go with "it's a good thing". We need to purge ours creative feelings or we will burst into a cloud of fiber!

tina said...

Laughing---------- what a fab party..... and success at the festival no matter how you arrived at it.

On knitting simply---- no I dont think I'd go with avoidance, simply not the case. You have to have some simple things to beat about, it allows your brain to fully engage. I truly believe that when you are working at something that requires you to hang on my the sheer force of your tuckus gripping your chair it does not allow your brain to organize, you get ready, to get fully prepared nor to grow those sharp little synapses that are necessary for one to be up to a big task. So if you ask me, a knitter hunkers down with the stuff that allows inner growth.

That sounded good didn't it? You bet. Much better than slothful talk...........

Barbara Parry said...

Melissa it was great having you again. I hope you were more comfortable (chair-wise) this time around. Thanks for joining us ! - Barb