Friday, May 30, 2008

Cork Nuts and Chicken Butts

My crazy small project obsession continues. I have EZ mitered mittens on needles. My flight for LA leaves at 3, and I can't decide when to head down to the airport. Somehow these issues are connected. I am not a fan of air travel. I need to refill my Starbucks card. I've packed not enough clothing, but five knitting projects. Priorities.
I made Korknisse, and they are adorable. The yarn is Valley Yarns Superwash handdyed by The Kangaroo Dyer. I need more of these guys, which means I need to drink more wine. Bummer, eh? I could start now. A pre-flight load.
Great. My Starbucks card will not reload. I shall die of latte-deprivation. Or, perhaps, I will just use cash? Annoying.
Katy just stopped by to pick up eggs for her weekend in Vermont. I have four more dozen that I am taking to Webs on my way to the airport. Maybe they'll make me late, and I will miss my flight, and then not have to fly at all. (recurring theme? melissaknits no like the flying game.)
I did a fridge clean-out this morning in the chickens' direction. All the things I know will be gross by the time I get home and I know no one else will cook while I am away. Depressing, sad, but not wasteful, or at least they don't think so.
OK. I need to get in the car and drive to the place with the large flying machines that make about as much aerodynamic sense as a bumble bee. Blogging right now is not responsible. It's avoidance.
Mr. Wonderful says how if I am flying now for work, I should therefore be willing to fly for vacation. He even has a few picked out. I say, if he loved me? WE'D DRIVE.

Find me if you're there:
Book Expo America
Los Angeles Convention Center, Los Angeles, California
2-3pm Saturday in the Author's Signing Area, right between Jamie Lee Curtis and Ray Bradbury - who thinks this stuff up? Is this a humor blog? Is there not some significant irony that they've put a chicken farming knitting author from the backwoods who cannot dress and does not read fiction (with a few small exceptions) in between Jamie Lee Curtis and Ray-Freaking-Bradbury? Is the irony of this not lost? Or am I the only one profoundly amused by it??


Kristi said...

Have an AWESOME time at the BookExpo - once you get through the whole flying part. Author signing is crazy, and as one of the people who got a seat on the floor an hour early in NYC when Debbie Stoller was at one of those tables...I hope you get pictures of your line!

ccr in MA said...

Oh, you're totally not the only one who finds that seating plan amusing! In fact, I think someone with a sense of humor laid it out that way.

Good luck with the flying thing. Just keep telling yourself, "It's only a movie..."

Yarnhog said...

Although I love Ray Bradbury and Jamie Lee Curtis (how can you not love "It's Hard to Be Five"--not to mention her appearing unretouched and without makeup in national print?), do they not know that you would probably be happier next to the Yarn Harlot, who will also be there? Or maybe they're afraid of creating a Knitting Ghetto. Or more likely that you all will get a little wild with the needles. Or maybe Ray is running a little low on story ideas and requested to be seated next to you, because he's got a great idea for a new sci-fi novel based on a chicken-farming knitter who turns out to be a brain-sucking alien. The possibilities are endless!

Have a grand old time. If there were any chance I could get in, I'd come!