Saturday, May 31, 2008

What I've Learned (So Far)

**Malabrigo folks could use some prayer**

Six hours on an airplane is a long time, even with knitting. I have short legs. They dangle. Dangling is probably not the most comfortable thing ever. There was an empty seat between myself and my seating partner. We used the center seat as a holding area and were quite content. This was not a full flight at all, which surprised me. A direct flight from Connecticut to LA and it wasn't stuffed? I was surprised.
We got in a tiny bit late. Once on the ground I grabbed my bag and found my shuttle and headed for the Omni Hotel. Now, I was supposed to have dinner at 7:45pm With People from Storey, meeting them in the lobby at 7:30. I glanced at the shuttle clock - in spite of my mad dashing through LAX, shoving children and old ladies out of my way, it still was not looking good. As the shuttle clock got closer and closer to 7:30 I realized that the window of Fancy Dining Opportunity was closing. This is bad. I had gone online and read the menu and I wanted the beets.
At 7:25 I presented myself for check-in. At 7:28 I was on the elevator. At 7:35, I was back in the lobby changed and ready. I think it was the years of mothering. "JUST LET'S GO NOW!"
I have not a single picture from the day, until I returned to the hotel where I discovered (now that I had time to look) bow-tied toilet paper:Because nothing says "welcome home" like a pink bow around something I am going to use to wipe my. . .you know.
Pretty Green Themed Shampoo:Not as cool as where Mr. W and I are staying in NY (they have Aveda products in their bathrooms) but cunning nonetheless.
Mental Torture:
Let me see if I get this...I am alone, 2,500 miles from home, 3 hours ahead of time, in a hotel room that has a big tray of chocolate? That's just mean. There's also potato chips. And mints, and a magnifier, and something called "pillow spray". Which for $6.50 should smell pretty damn good, I think. A bottle of Evian will set you back $5.00 (plus tax and service charge) or, for the low, low price of $21.00 you can have a 375 ml bottle of cheap red wine (Kendall Jackson Cab).
Someone named Lawrence was here in May and had a chocolate bar. I know this because his bill is still in the dresser. Which goes to show you how often people take from this thing, or at least how often they actually report that they took something from it. He smeared chocolate on the little pick-slip thing. Kinda ick. Too bad I am so cheap. The mini Zen garden and Coca-Cola playing cards are tempting. One could theoretically come to LA, stay in this hotel, and never leave the room. Snacks, food 24 hours a day, wireless, and television.
On the plane I knitted up EZ Mitered mittens, they need only thumbs and I failed to pack my small red bag containing, oh, scissors...darning needles...that sort of thing. Since this is an afterthought thumb, scissors are a must. I worked on socks for Mr.W.
Today (my brain says it's 9 but really it's only 6...) I am torn. Do I take knitting, which would require my backpack. Or do I leave the knitting here and suffer like a caged animal all day without any, but look a tad more grown-up with just a small purse? Go ahead. Guess.


Yarnhog said...

Knitting, duh! (as my ever-snottier ten year old would say).

Glad you made it in one piece and with your sanity (apparently) intact. Have a great day!

Dawn said...

Ya took the knitting with, didn't ya?

Kristi said...

My $$ is on the knitting. And as a girl that carries either a backpack or a shoulder bag big enough to fit my knitting--I don't care enough to be a "grown up". :)