Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Well, there's just not much going on....

That about sums it up. Everything around here is boring. There is nothing to blog about. There are not even pictures of the boredom.
I am knitting socks. I am knitting a sweater that hates me, and another that would love me if I could give it time. If I tried to photograph them, the images would reflect the bad humor I feel toward them today.
We had a graduation pig roast for Girl and it was alot of fun. Oh, I know, I will post a picture of the pig (vegetarians and those sensitive to the sight of non-living animals, turn your head now):
Wilbur is being flipped halfway through the roasting process to ensure even cooking. I did not realize how much is involved in this whole pig roast gig. My father arrived at 6am to light the fire, and then spent the entire day here roasting, basting, checking and flipping the pig. Unfortunately, of the images I took, only Mr W and Grampa can be shown as all others, inculding Girl, refused to allow blogging of their personages. In the next image we see Wilbur having his temperature taken on his inner thigh. This is to ensure that he's of a proper temperature before being served - no food poisoning at my house!! The end result of all this labor was some really sweet tender pork. Of which I have endless pounds in my freezer. OK, not endless, it's just a couple of bundles really and people seem to want the leftovers. Don't get me wrong - I loved the stuff. But previously frozen just is not the same as the day itself with the armoa wafting through the air of charcoal, syrup and pig. Yummmmm. Girl had a wonderful day and was thrilled that so many people turned out...although ONE person was NOTICABLY absent, but we shall not recriminate on that account, we shall not remind that person of their absence...the cause was a just one - kid's ball game versus Girl's roast pig...I would have had to go with the ball game myself. Besides, she totally made up for it with Girl's gift of which I am incredibly jealous. I love bags. Give me a bag and I am yours for life. Girl does not need a bag. She can carry her books in her arms like in the old days before the invention of the Cool Bag. Girl actually got much cool loot, and I was very happy for her - no fuzzy lollipop that day.
I never had a graduation party myself. This could be due to the fact that I dropped out of high school. Oh, wait! I did have a graduation party. When I graduated from college my mother had a party for me. I remember it now - there was that chocolate cake as I recall, and people, and the kids were all little and cute. That was many moons ago. Speaking of college...Girl is going to college. I thought this was all fine with me, all cool and everything. Wasn't that the point? Rearing adults, not babies. Maybe it's not so much. She is after all The Baby. (Sorry Girl, but it's true). And Mr Wonderful realized this before I did - I am slow and dense and need more time to process, but it just dawned on me that we're nearly done. I mean, yes, we're still parenting, but the tone is changing, our roles are shifting. It's a short skip from here to Girl reminding me to put my teeth in while fixing my buttons. I need a small, helpless infant animal to tend.
Wow, that's really freaking cheery!! Onto happier things. I have chosen a color for the office - it is called Oriole and is basically orange, but with some blue undertone so it's not as assaulting on the eyes of my family. And I am ordering this very cool clock for the office from the Metropolitan Museum of Art. I promise more appropriate, upbeat knitting content soon!


Persnickety Knitter said...

Love the clock. I'm glad Girl had a great party.

Oh, and by the way, I JUST got my WEBS catalog yesterday. How lame is that?

Cirilia said...

The college years were (and continue to be) very good for my parents and I. My parents are also on the young side (mid-40s) and they and you will be toothed for a VERY LONG time.