Wednesday, July 05, 2006


I decided that since I had the scunci out anyway to block Girl's store scarf, I may as well do a couple of things.
First, my Silk Rhapsody Shawl. Mind bending in it's simplcity - perfect for car, television, or classroom but a real bear to block. It's taking up the whole kitchen and the whole day. I assume that when I return Miss Hannah will have plunked her furry butt dead center - it's just what she does, and everyone needs a hobby, right? This is my excuse for not getting on the bike yet - "I had to block". Anybody buying this? I love this yarn. I want to live in it. Right in there, in the middle bit...looks comfy to me. And the pattern was very simple, just a B.W. faggoting, purse stitch. Now if I can just remember how many I cast on................
You know, it's a good thing blogger is free. The trouble I have with photo upload is astonishing. Up close it looks more like this, but we'll see how it holds it's shape when I am done tormenting it. It's stretched pretty tightly. You could bounce a quarter off of it. But if I caught you trying, I might have to kill you. This knitted up very quickly, but then sat for days on end waiting to be blocked. I just have not had the ambition to block.
Girl reminded me that I failed to blog, in my whining about boredom, about something really un-boring that happened on the 27th. We went to see Jamie Cullum at the Calvin Theater in Northampton. Wonderful boy. I personally was not as into this as Girl - this was her 18th birthday gift, tickets to see Jamie Cullum. I have listened, even have a couple of his songs on the mp3 player, but was not a huge fan. I am now. Boy Genius. Wonder-boy. Talent coming out of his eyeballs. Impressive, without a doubt. He's just great live. Really worth it, and if coming to a city near you, worth the trip. Of course, the Calvin is a small venue which made it very intimate (like when he came off stage with his trumpet player and was about 6 inches off of Girl's right elbow). A very talented young man, with incredible timing and musicality, uses the piano in ways one might marvel at. Great throaty jazz voice. It was a wonderful experience, and John Mayer and Sheryl Crow will have to be beyond stellar to improve upon it.
I also blocked this, silly little karaoke hat. I can't decide if it needs a scarf or now...I must consider it. I also have to write this up. The pattern is "I dunno yet, I have not written it". I am thinking of calling it . . . I forgot already. It will come to me. Ripples. Ridges. Curves. bumps, waves, sea-sickness. That's it! Mal de Mer!! . . . .wow. I may need to take a little break here....


Persnickety Knitter said...

The shawl is lovely. What size needle did you use?

Cute hat, too. Is that the way Karaoke yarn knits up, or did you mess with the colors (chopping out bits or whatever)?

Cirilia said...

Ha ha, Mal der Mer, I love it. I love the hat, too! So 70s, it looks like one of those fold-up petal shaped rain hats.

I have to make a shawl out of that exact color of Silk Rhapsody (for the store) and your lace pattern pick was perfect. Holy alliteration. HA, HOLEY, a PUN.