Friday, July 28, 2006

The New Math

Nope, no knitting today, not a single bit. It's all projects I can't share yet, secret things, new yarns, new designs, new plans. Sad, huh? Here's my math problem, with solution:

This (breakfast of leftover General Tso's Chicken from evening meal with Sue, visiting from Florida)...

plus this...

equals this...(It does, I swear it does!)

OK, maybe not really. It's good to see Sue. I sometimes wish she'd move back from Florida. We met in nursing school, which is also odd if I dwell on it for too long. I went to nursing school. I worked as a Registered Nurse in the state of Massachusetts. I actually went to the #1 (at the time) rated 2 year RN program in the nation. And it was top ten for RN programs nationally, regardless of degree awarded. Pretty wild, huh? Ahh, the good old days. No money, two kids, and a borrowed car. Three years of insanity, work, stress and fun. Yes, it was fun, really. It was incredibly challenging, expanding and rewarding. In a way I miss it. I miss the constant academic struggle. We had a good time last night, drop in at Webs, then chinese food, and bed about midnight. I may be too old for that, though. Sue's son has Muscular Dystrophy. His twin sister does not, Thank God. Give, and give generously. Nasty disease.
This is Floyd. Girl made Floyd and I love Floyd. I was waiting for the right day to show you Floyd and I have decided today is it. Floyd is named for Floyd Landis, 2006 TDF champion, and in my heart and soul he always will be outcome regardless. I am posting Floyd today as a token of faith and trust in Mr. Landis. I believe him innocent, and may still even if he's "proven" guilty. Here's the deal - I am not niave. I know there's doping in cycling. Heck, there's probably doping in golf. I just don't think this is a case of doping. I think it's a couple of beers and thyroid medication. See, somedays the nurse thing comes in handy, all that critical thinking!

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