Tuesday, July 18, 2006

But I Have a Good Excuse....

OK, so I have not been blogging. I also have not been knitting as much as usual. I have also been sick for a week, and at times unwell enough to not want to knit. This is my good excuse. Knitting is my health barometer. If I can't knit, well, I must feel pretty crappy.

I did complete these, called Tilting at Windmills, and they are being submitted to Schaefer Yarn - if they want to use the pattern I get beaucoup sock yarn, always a good thing. They're just a basic top down sock with a cute little pattern thing going on. The yarn reminded me of my sister Jody, hence the name - this goes back to my childhood and is a long story, but it involves Don Quixote (obviously). This is the patterning in a bit more detail. It's lovely, I think. I like them, and now have to hope Schaefer does as well!

And yesterday Mr Wonderful had the day off and I said yes, of course I feel well enough to go here and paddle; can't waste a day off can we? Lovely isn't it? Small pond, nice peaceful paddle, stayed mostly in the shade as much as I could. I miss paddling. We kayaked a lot more before we moved. Barely been out at all in the last two years and it saddens me. So I wanted to go, and I did have a good time. We ran a couple of errands, and went to Mesa Verde for lunch (where I ordered a burrito that was about the size of my freaking head - we took more than half home, the thing was huge and incredibly good) and Mr Wonderful had steak quesadillas - also excellent. Then we came home, and I curled into a ball and died. Now I am coughing up unmentionables. I am trying to tell myself that this would have happened with or without the kayaking. It's Just A Cold! But I wish it would go away.

And a few days ago we found these, fledged now. There were four total, we thought only three at first. We're not certain what they are aside from "baby birds", that part we got all right. But specifically, what kind of bird? We do not know. Mom never sits still long enough for us to tell, she's very much a constant motion kind of girl, and with four eggs hatched to perfection, I guess my wings would be falling off from the pressure to fill those blessed beaks. They're loud too, especially when hungry. Worse than people babies, almost!

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