Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Kind of Neat

I just find this very cool. It all begins with one red paper clip. I love barter. We're negotiating one ourselves, and a doozy it is. Works for me.

Also check out new gallery link to Design Portfolio...I feel sorta all blushy about these puppies, but I love them all - well...nearly all. This is not everyone, but it's a good start. More to come. Also to come is some knitting, possibly as soon as tomorrow - two lovely pair of socks in the works, distracting me further from Colorful Tracks. I know, you can hear me whining from where you're sitting, can't you? Can you feel my sadness at being so heedlessly and mercilessly ripped from the stinking - - -I mean - daaaarling thing by my Schaefer sibling socks???

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