Saturday, April 29, 2006

I Had Company

Is this not the prettiest thing? It's an eight week old hand. Well, nine. It is a sweet hand and it came to visit me and pick up some yarn for it's mom to make it some new things. This hand somday will sit on my knee and learn to knit. I cannot wait.
I finished this, very thrilling. Mr Wonderful was IN it, but characteristically requested removal, so I took him right out of it. It's in Stockbridge, used 10 skeins, 6 sts to the inch. Really is nice now that it's gave me some trouble along the way, but we're friends now. This is the "father" version. I have cast on the son version and it's coming along, but slowly because I taught today, and am going to a trade show tomorrow (how exciting!). I think it will be a few days late, but not horribly.
I started this some time last week in an attempt to counteract my Vest Misery. It is another Mango Moon modular object, which at the moment is looking like it may go shawl rather than poncho thing. I have not decided. I really liked the poncho thing, but I like a shawl too...difficult decision. I am waiting for it to speak to me, which it will eventually. I set it aside at a point where I need to decide. I will eventually want to work on it badly enough that I just pick. They're very fast, on 15's and give me a sense of completion without a lot of effort. I worked on it while listening to this and attempting to learn German. Mr Wonderful has decided that the mp3 player should be used for some educational purpose. We both whine that we have no language other than English. I have discovered that the whole bike thing is more fun if we add not only knitting, but a foreign language learning experience, so that now I am knitting, sweating, and shouting out German phrases. It scares me that a family member other than Girl or Mr Wonderful - for example my father - might happen upon this little bit of MelissaKnits insanity and attempt to have me committed. Really, it's a very effective way to get it all done at once; the ultimate multi-tasking experience. Ich verstehe deutsch. Riiight, sure I do...and pigs fly too. Ich verstehe NICHT deutsch is more like. I sort of wish Mr Wonderful had decided to start with French, but whatever. It's all greek to me.

Then there is this, which is 1997 Amaroni Tommasi, and was a blissful experience. I did a few hours of work on the pc for package store managing friend, and she paid me in wine, six bottles. We decided to open not the $6.00 Lyrico, but this stuff. Very rich, earthy and fruity - made me want to have a steak with gorgonzola butter. Less tannin than the Joseph Phelps Cab. I called today to commend beloved friend on excellent wine choice and beg for more, and she told me that this is "the last of it..." Broke my heart. One must remember that there is always another vintage. The stuff is made to be experienced, not stuck on a shelf forever and ever.


Persnickety Knitter said...

Ohhhhhh, that precious little hand....

The vest looks great. Too bad Mr. Wonderful is too chicken to model it. ;)

I can just picture you on that exercise bike, knitting and shouting random German phrases. I think Girl should secretly tape you doing it. ;)

Stefaneener said...

What a wondrous hand.
German, huh? My sister went and became fluent in the language - go figure. It can be done. I don't think there was a bicycle or any knitting involved, however. . .
The vest is fab, as usual.