Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Bad, Bad Little Blogger!

OK, so I sign up for Project Spectrum a day late, and now am a dollar short. I bought the yarn. I planned a project. And that's as far as it went. I got time, I said. Right. I got time. Sure I do. Let me know when you find it. I'd like to visit it.
On top of that things at MelissaKnits have been a little wild of late. We have some stuff going on that is keeping me and Mr. Wonderful and Girl and my mother in law (who keeps volunteering) very busy. No, it's not knitting related (I wish).
The boys cabled vest, my last project in this insane run of things for Kathy at Webs is more than half done - and the deadline was yesterday, but hey, I'm knitting as fast as I can! The Mango Moon break project is a shawl that I totally forgot to take a picture of. It did the job. It was done in less than 24 hours, gave me a sense of completion and allowed me to move forward.

N.E.N.A. TRADE SHOW - now, this is entirely too much fun. This almost beats a sheep and wool. If they could bring in some lightly dirtied hay and play sheep and llama hums overhead it's be perfect. Wearing a badge that says "WEBS" and "Buyer" on it is a heady experience. First, people want to talk to you. A lot. They say things like "Oh, you're WEBS!" as if I am personally responsible for the place. I clarify this - no, I am a Webs minion, and the bosses will be here tomorrow. I am just "pre-shopping", as it were. I bought some yarn (did anyone NOT buy yarn? Please email me. Nah, don't bother. I won't believe you), and got a very cool free catnip mouse kit, as did girl. I touched things. I fell in love with things. I found some things silly, like light-up knitting needles. The Knit-Lite. Not something I am going to pay for - needles that 1.) feel kind of crappy and 2.) need batteries. Go ahead, call it revolutionary. Call it anything you want to call it. It is what it is - not good needles with batteries and light bulbs amd an on-off switch so that you can knit in the dark. The example given was "the movies". Right. And sitting in a dark theater with a glowing glob of light in your lap is not going to get you thrown out??
What I loved:
-Berger Du Nord Belle silk. This has a wonderful halo and I want to swatch it and wear it next to my skin for a weel and see if it pills. If it behaves reasonably, I need two bags - I have a garment already in mind for it.They did not have cash and carry, sadly. Broke my heart. Crossing fingers that Kathy liked it enough to brng it in so I can get my needles into it.
-Misti's Suri Silk. It's dk weight, and I can see it knit into luscious and nicer gauge garments. I adore it. I have a ball here to play with, and can't wait.
-Schaefer Anne. I have delayed this purchase and sucumbed at the show. I yielded. I gave in. And it felt...wonderful. And I also dig this - Schaefer Color Concepts for Memorable Women.
-Blue Heron Rayon metallic. The only thing that prevented me from buying this was the lack (selfish knitters bought it all!!) of a proper MelissaKnits colorway. Girl was ready to give me cash, becasue I was out of the stuff by then. GORGEOUS and some day I will have three...no, FOUR hanks. I have a plan.
-Mountain Colors alpaca blend. I bought some of this in Pheasant, very squashy and warm and made me think of fall days which was not as bad a thing as it usually is in spring (when I prefer to think of grass, sun, and vegetable gardens).
What I learned:
-"Cash and Carry" means "Next year bring more CASH and be prepared to CARRY Mr. Wonderful to the local ER when he sees the receipts."
-Webs is really Mecca after all.
What I want to do next year at NENA:
-Have patterns and samples and a banner and a booth, and haul out my pop-up canopy. And drag along my staff, so I can shop a bit. Hey, it can happen! Dude, it totally CAN!!


Persnickety Knitter said...

I'll be one of your 'staff' next year if that means I can shop. ;)

Stefaneener said...

Heeee. "Cash and Carry" just cracked me up. I feel sort of like a closet addict when I buy yarn and pretend that it just followed me home. Maybe that's what you should say -- "it followed me home!" good to know you have a plan for next year.
If you find your spare time, see if it has seen mine, okay?