Saturday, May 20, 2006

Sin City?

Or something like it. Sloth I guess. And Gluttony. Definately gluttony.
Saturday was a "wasted day" one might say. It was a day in which the following things did, or did not, happen:
1.) We did not go to or even near the Investment (choke, gag sputter) Property. However, the realtor did, and she commended us on the improvements since we gained access two weeks ago
2.) I knitted a lot, and crocheted even more.
3.) We went to Mecca and saw the Tent Sale. Then we left. That was a lot of crazed, dazed, happy-shoppin' knitters.
4.) Grass-fed hormone and antibiotic free meat was purchased.
5.) "Local" coffee was purchased.
6.) I found super-cool bike shoes that can be used with clips that look nothing like bike shoes.
7.) Mr Wonderful and I had a fancy din-din out, while Girl worked/drove home from work.
The whole day felt rather decadent.

It started with this - the c.o. beginnings of the Ram's Horn Jacket from Knitting Nature. Must have this. Must have half of book, possibly more than
half. Mods so far - altered length of hem, shortened it as I had concerns about the 3" wide stripe about my hips. Also am lengthening it a bit so it breaks below the hip line, and shortening sleeves for pygmy arms. Substituted Very Reasonably Priced Dale Sisik $2.99 a ball close out for yarn required by pattern. I like Sisik. It has a texture and colors that appeals to me. Mr Wonderful rode his bike for this portion of the day. He did 30 miles. I had no interest in 30 miles of anything but yarn.

Then it moved into this - the finishing of the base of the crocheted jacket that must be done by February, so I can sit with a margarita, in this jacket on my 40th birthday. Don't ask me why, I really don't know - but it's a plan I've had since this February, and by golly I am going to go for it. There is pressure to leave it as a vest. I am undecided. Since I took this I've assembled it, and started the collar so I can try it on and make a final decision about sleeves or no sleeves.

Then we went to Wheel-View Farm for beef. My normal beef supply has dried up due to an unexpected breeding. It will be a year before we get more cow we know by name. In the interest of supporting the dietary needs of my carnivorous family (and self), I had to find an alternative beef supply. This is it. These are lovely animals, heritage breeds of beef cattle, Galloways and Scots Highland, who live quite well in the hills of the county. I have bought their meat before, a year or so back. Also a clivia, which is a very cool and slow-growing plant that thrives under my "benign neglect" plant regimen. The farm is gorgeous, the animals happy and well cared for, the farmers are sociable and very well-versed on husbandry and the advantages of grass fed cattle products over the feed lot stuff (which we shall not discuss as it makes me ill to consider). They are having an open house this weekend along with three other local farms. Anyone in the area tomorrow should pop up and visit.
Then we swung by Shelburne Falls Coffee Roasters for a bit of a treat - a pound of Toasted Coconut Creme and a half pound of Southern Pecan. I love their coffee. Very Yum. Especially the Toasted Coconut Creme. I love the stuff.
Then there's these shoes. These very cool shoes. I am not sure why I think I need them as my bike is still on the trainer (call me when I can ride and knit on the road at the same time) But, Mr Wonderful says it would be good for me, and it probably would as I have a fear of toe clips and this would be a good way to get used to the on and off, in and out of the things. They are "...redesigned with a fit optimized for women riders, and a subtle styling nod to your inner cowgirl." I was unaware that I had an inner cowgirl till I saw these shoes. Actually...wait just a second. I have always had an inner cowgirl.
Then dinner, which was excessive but wonderful. I had french onion soup, and Mr W had clam chowder, then prime ribs from cows we had never met but I chose not to think about it for the day, and now that it's Sunday I will feel guilt all day long. Then shopping again, but for Girl - and me - and Mr Wonderful, because we really really needed Smartfood and ice cream....we were definately going to starve without it! Then home and wine and cribbage (which I won again!!)
All in alkl a wonderful Saturday!


Persnickety Knitter said...

Crap, blogger just killed my comment. Thus, I will try again.

What great bike shoes! And I love that Ram's Horn Jacket. Now I must add that book to my birthday wishlist.

Oh, and what a cute picture of you on the horse. You were so tiny. [I'm resisting the urge to make an obvious joke here ;-) ]

Cirilia said...

Yes, I will be making the Hexagon Jacket out of the Tahki Donegal Tweed closeout. It's so funny, it's like we shop at the same obscure boutique.

That jacket is so perfect for a 40th. I vote sleeves, you can't have too much of that color. And are you actually worried about making a FEBRUARY deadline?!