Friday, May 19, 2006

Rain, Rain, GO AWAY!

Sick of it! But glad that we're not as bad off as some, although I wonder if it's heading that way - hail, and downpours of frightening proportions is about what I expect next. I remember last year, when my silly little town made national news as a disaster area. And every time I drive down my road I fear washing out. There are spots where I wonder if my car will be supported...I have lost track of how many days it has rained. If anyone knows, tell me. I can't count. If I did, I'd have to scream. 'Too Many' is all I know.
Not much knitting, our life centers around the Investment Property (choke, gag, cough, sputter). The IP is now on the market, with an open house Saturday, and (praying hard) a qualified offer by Sunday. Monday the Gas Man came to the IP. He gave me two "red tag" violations and refused to turn on the gas. As he appeared to be married and possibly the father of small children, I did not kill him. I instead turned my mind toward fixing the violations. Wednesday he returned. This time he turned on the gas but gave me a new violation, a "yellow tag" one, which apparently means that we can have gas, but they're watching us. Ominous. Again, I thought about killing him. He was speaking to me of violations, repairs, and the simplicty of same, and I could see his lips moving, but all I heard was "another violation..." over and over in my head, like a dream sequence from bad television. I took out my cell and called Mr Wonderful (Thank God he was at his desk!) and held him out to the Gas Man. Gas Man and Mr. Wonderful had a chat. I do not know what they discussed and I care even less. I have gas. I have a yellow tag (like this is real football, and I've been given a yellow card, and in true arrogant athlete fashion I just got mad and ignored the dude), but I have gas. Yesterday I went down early and caught a bit of sun, just enough to paint the trim on the front of the house, and place a pretty number six, fresh and clean, by the front door. I also cleaned ceiling fans that I don't think have seen much attention since we bought the place 2.5 years ago. I came home and napped for an hour before leaving for work. Had a wonderful drop-in evening, with Katy bringing the new book "Sexy Little Knits" to our attention, some discussion about chocolate and foreplay (don't ask.), and abuse of the Sexy Knits book - very little is wearable by the average gal, and most of it would cause my husband to fall on the floor in fits of giggles, not throes of passion...unless he had a sudden urge to play Chalrie's Angels or something...and OH!! I forgot!! (How could I forget!?!?!)
We here at Melissaknits are SO incredibly thrilled that Katy has taken Lilleth and The Cat Formerly Known As Ratana (Hopefully Lucy, Just Cause) into her life. I completely forgot to take pics of her with them to blog, but I was so happy to see them in a good home the idea of pictures went right out of my little head. Anyway, after drop in I headed back to the IP where we worked till about 10:20pm. I need to leave for there now, and am using this blog as a way out of leaving.("But, I had to blog....")
Yesterday I looked at my chair lustfully. I sit here and knit most days. In fact, a great deal of my working life revolves around curling up in this chair with yarn, needles, a big glass of water, and a lot of time. I have neglected this chair for so long that someone has become confused about who's chair it is. I will remedy this shortly. Today should be my last IP day. (again praying hard).
Knitting Nature came, only two days after I ordered it. Exquisite. 39 designs inspired by nature. I only want to knit about 32 of them. Yeah, I got time...the book is wonderful. Inventive, creative, some over the top but mostly wearable, conceptually amazing. Now I need to knit one to see how knittable they are. Just as soon as I get a minute. Oh. Thunder. Sigh. And the rain is getting heavier. Such is the punishment for slackers. Take time to blog and pay for it, lady, in the form of heavier rain and the need to calculate the time between flash and boom, and dodge the flashes. Oh well.

There is something nice about the rain. It does this to my brook. This is cool. And very loud. So while I worry about the road washing out, or the house washing down the hill, it's all good, because I can sit and watch this in the moments when the rain abates. Gorgeous. Just makes you feel all happy inside watching it flow. We have two; this one requires a hike, but both are just wonderful in spring or after a good hard rain.
This is a super lame entry. No knitting, just rambling about rain and the house that I hope sells soon. Give me a few days - I am going to post a free pattern next week. Keep your eyes peeled! And I sold my very first retail print pattern yesterday - very exciting, and I may need to frame the payment and put it on my wall. First I think I will sleep for two days straight. Then I will knit, post better entries with knitterly info, and frame my first payment. Before that I will work more, and try not to nap while actually using the compound miter saw, but save the naps for the measuring and nailing.


Katy said...

You'll want to check out the Knitting Nature Knit-Along when you get some free time:

Melissa said...

cause I so have're trying to kill're getting me back for those cats, admit it...

Persnickety Knitter said...

Congrats about the pattern sale! Can't wait to see what your new free pattern will be.

Love your pic of the brook.

Anonymous said...

so, "suck is the punishment for slackers" huh?

very entertaining blog!


Melissa said...

you're as bad as your sister.

Melissa said...

I take it back.
Persnickety did not correct my spelling. Girl pointed this out to me. It was the anal thing, I was confused.