Saturday, April 08, 2006

Got Feet?

'Cause I got yarn!! Regia Sporto in a variety of colors for $6.00 a ball. Yes, folks, $6.00 a BALL! Very exciting. I did not know about this until I got to work today. Apparently it was there Thursday and I missed it. I bought a mere 14 balls. I would like to buy two or three bags, because I believe you can never have too many socks, or too much yarn. And for SIX BUCKS a ball?? And there's THREE colors Mr Wonderful has agreed to wear (yippee!!) Speaking of Mr Wonderful I got his Lorna's socks turned and the gussets underway today while waiting for girl to finish work. And I fledged 16 baby sock knitters today, most of whom went home with at least 1 ball of the said Regia Sporto.

This has been a bittersweet week. The men's Stockbridge cabled vest ended up in four balls in my bag. Very sad. I was not happy with it, Boss was not happy with it, so ripped it became. BUT everyone loves Make Tracks, and I made great progress on the Sugarloaf kids pullover(newborn to size 14!). Lovely stripey thing. Makes me want to be 10! I love this yarn. Very soft, splits a bit but well worth the effort. I have a sweater I knit in Filatura Luna which is a close comparison and I love the wearability and comfort of these multi-plied merino blend yarns. Sugarloaf is superior without a doubt - the Luna was overspun enough to make it noticible in stitch definition - Sugarloaf is not overspun in the slightest and just is a wonderful yarn to play with. The colors are great, and work well together. It's also on sale this month for $2.99 a ball - merino and microfibre for $3.00? Cool.

Kind of sleepy - fledging sock knitters is hard work - all that kitchener! And I had a little sip of something relaxing while kicking the butts of Girl and Mr Wonderful at cribbage - it's a good day to be me. TWO WEEKS in a row I am cleaning their clocks! I am pretty sure that's a record of some kind. And the wine is not bad. I've been all spoiled by the stuff my beloved best friend gave me at Christmas, and I was afraid my palate would forever be stuck somewhere around the $30 and up mark, but this was pleasant. Little tannin, not too harsh, and some black cherry flavor going on. No, it's not Joseph Phelps 2003 Cab, but it wasn't bad for what it is. Besides, it's got chickens on the label. I assume this means they actually had chickens stomp the grapes, and of course, anything chickens turn a claw to is pretty darn good (look at the egg, folks! Just look at the egg!!)


Persnickety Knitter said...

Wow, that's quite a haul of sock yarn. It looks like you got some nice colors - I like the red mix and blue mix in particular. I am not allowing myself to buy any more sock yarn until I use up more stash, and then I've promised myself some Socks that Rock yarn.

Bummer about the vest. What was wrong with it?

Melissa said...

It was lokkin' sorta walmart, and needs more cables. finishing the stripes today and will start the vest again tomorrow, so there will be a pic soon

Stefaneener said...

Are you offering socks in the title?
; )

Sorry about the vest-- wine is a great idea. Go cribbage! It's my favorite card game.

Melissa said...

You know, if I had time, I just might make socks and give them away...but for now that is not on my horizon. It does give me an idea though. Hmmmm...maybe I should give something away.