Tuesday, April 18, 2006

WHY didn't my mother name me something cool?

more suggestions!
From the man who bears at least 50% responsibility for my top ten name -
Hillside knits
Bear Run
Hen coop knits
Scratch Feed Something ? - Designs?
New England Trends
Northeast Wonders

Melissaknits needs a new name. My mother's other selections weren't any better - Rebecca Diane? April Joy?? Me?? Please. She would have been closer with Hannah or Sarah or Emma. Can anyone help? There are those among you who know me, at least enough to say so, and I am begging for your help. We're getting off the wall here at Melissaknits' home base, with names ranging from the sublime to the utterly ridiculous. THE LIST is below, and feel free to make up your own and post it as a comment. Oh - the objective - Melissaknits is going to try her hand at self publishing patterns. Unfortunately, my name is pretty common - it appeared out of the blue in the top ten names for girls in the US list in 1967, and did not fall below top ten till 1985 - that's a whole lot of Melissas out there. I need a name that says something about knitting, and a little about me. I am an eccentric oddball who talks to much, cannot dress and rarely remembers to show up for hair appointments - and when I do, speed and simplicity are stressed. I always ask "Will I have to blow dry it? Like, ever??". I am a little bit of an earth-freak, although Mr Wonderful refers to me as "The Environmental Terrorist" because I do not pull the plastic windows out of envelopes when I put them in the recycle, and sometimes I forget a throw paper in the trash under my desk. I like to grow organic food in my own yard (animal or vegetable), but spend a week or two at Disney World every couple of years since my wedding - for reasons I still have not determined. I am an Elizabethan history nut, Jane Austen fan, and consider "homemaker" a valid life path ("The hand that rocks the cradle is the hand that rules the world"). I planned a Renaissance wedding right up till the location burned down, when we shifted gears and took the red dress (which I designed) to Florida for a Disney vacation with a wedding in the middle (so the kids wouldn't notice) For the past few years, I eat sleep and breathe knitting, but have been known to spin off into space with a wild case of Hand Craft A.D.D., and end up someplace weird, like shirret, or sculpting dolls from cloth, or rug braiding (boring, trust me).
So here's the list, have at it, please please please give suggestions - and I will...I know...I will pull a name randomly from the commenters who post by midnight, April 23, and send that person a Stash Enhancing Care Package. Help meeee!!!!!!!!!

glamorgan handcrafts/knits

shifra knits

aurora knits

bluefire designs/knits

brown cow knits

red hen knits

the knitting hen


Katy said...

I rather like Red Hen Knits, but for some reason it makes me think of Chicken Little and Henny Penny and the sky is falling and maybe that is not good.

And don't pick me because the last thing my stash needs is enhancing.

2monkeys_mom said...

Hen House Designs
Farm Fresh Knits

Otherwise, my favorites are Bluefire, Red Hen and Brown cow.

Melissa said...

S.A.B.L.E., Katy, S.A.B.L.E. It's healthy. Like collecting stamps, or coins or dead bugs. Or bats ;)

Persnickety Knitter said...

Oooh, I really like 2monkeys_mom's suggestions.

Hen House Designs & Farm Fresh Knits

Those are my new favorites.

Melissa said...

see, it's very easy to find a new favorite!

It's all going on the list. I think we'll use the famous Drunken Dart Board Selection technique in the end.

Farm Fresh Knits.
practicing with this one. I kinda dig it...

Pat H said...

Cornish hens have a very pretty pattern to their feathers too. Of course there is the Knitting Frenzy that designers get into I understand.

Jenn said...

I really like Red Hen Knits. Farm Fresh Knits is cute too. Have fun with the Harlot tomorrow!

Mother said...

and....now from the Mother who picked Melissa. You just plain looked like one. Dark, dark huge eyes, and little brown fuzzies on top of your head. so, my vote is to leave it alone!

Melissa said...

well, that's funny, cause every other Melissa I know is blonde and blue eyed. I bet I looked like a Shadow, or a Willow, or a Winnie, or a ... a... a lot of things that people don't turn into Missy!!