Monday, April 17, 2006

The Harlot is Coming!! The Harlot is Coming!!

Very excited about this, now that I have organized my Knitting 2 students so that I can attend. I was not getting excited before, lest I miss out. Now I can cheer. There are over 150 people signed up for her talk, which will be at the Clarion Hotel, just a bit down the road from Webs. Pretty wild!

I feel like not much is happeneing, although it is. I finished the Stockbridge Cabled Socks. They're comfy. And also washed and blocked. Thrilling, right? This pair used 2 skeins of Stockbridge in color #403, dark gray. This is a detail pic, because the cables sort of wash out in photos. But they're a nice warm fall-winter sock, and I like them in spite of my concerns about the dark gray.

Also claoptis in Silk Rhapsody color 119 is moving along. I had calculated that if I could complete one pattern repeat in 24 hours it would be done in time for my next meeting with mother in law. This is not going to occur, however, as the Stockbridge Vest (which we are not disucssing beyond this moment, or photographing) became a nightmare. A nightmare that haunts my every waking hour. Even this one. And Clap close - I love what this does on the reverse stockinette side. She can wear it however she likes, but if it were me, it'd be rev st.

And I exchanged my personal Silk Rhapsody 111 for Silk Rhapsody 141, and bought a second skein. I balled it up, and that's as far as it goes for now. Soon, though...if nothing else I will write down what I have in mind for the stuff. I want to wear it. Sleep in it. Eat it. It's so soft and fluffy and happy-making.

Girl took a class this weekend. Girl is a Hooker. She has been for a while now, since she was in her early teens. She took to hooking like a duck to water. So she's not just a Stalker, she's a Hooker as well. She really enjoyed the class because she's always wanted to design and hook her own bags, and wondered if there was a trick to hooking a bag. Wool strips are not cheap, and yarn - well, yarn we got by the boatload. The instructor was Amy Barrie from Lincoln Farm Designs. The bag is called "Squares Are It" and Girl has been going to town, stash raiding, and having a blast, all while planning a "next bag".

Progress continues on Mr Wonderful's Lorna's Socks, at the rate of roughly molasses in January. No, I take that back. Ever hear of the Great Molasses Flood? Molasses in January actually can move right along.

And I swatched this for my next Big Thing, for girl, sort of Make Tracks with Color.

Other than that, not much is going on. Aside from the Stockbridge Men's Vest which is at this moment calling my name from the other room. I must go now, and be with it for the next long hours.

THE HARLOT IS COMING!!! But wait, did I say that already?
Hannah is visibly unimpressed, with her tush planted firmly on the swatch pile by my basket. Rude Feline. I should take her. She'd laugh her cat-butt off.


Persnickety Knitter said...

Tell Girl her rug-hooking looks very cool. Can't wait to see the finished bag.
I looked at the Lincoln Farm Designs website and I really like their rugs. I may have to investigate rug-hooking (although, I saw the price of the rug kits -- ouch).

Love the gray cabled socks.

Cirilia said...

HMMMPH. HAR-UMPH. I really think that I am going to have to play hooky and come to see the Harlot. It is a consolation that since I'll be stuck in the store that I might get help her add to that famous stash...

I wear my ratty Clapotis wrong side out, but it's so cool any which way. The thing just slinks around like a snake. In a good way. Maybe I should've said cat.

Melissa said...

I think the store should just be closed for an hour. I mean, where will all the knitters be???

And truly, if I knew how to run the registers, I would stay in your stead, honest.

Snakes are cool. Cats have fur and use a box that must be cleaned. Snakes live outdoors, all over my property, and I have accepted them in all their forms.