Monday, March 30, 2009

The Weekend Becomes the Week.

Rue came to visit on Friday evening, and in order to prevent potential damage to work projects (there was a wee bit of rum going around) I cast on a sweater for Kristie's baby who's coming in April (Because, as I told Rue, "Babies don't really care if their sweaters are drunk!")For the record let's remember that drunk is a relative term. I think being able to cast on and knit cables until past midnight without error will give you an idea of the relative state of my inebriation. Anyway, the pattern is exceptionally well written, easy to follow, and I am enjoying it immensely. It is the Aran Pullover from Knitting for Baby by Kristin Nicholas and Melanie Falick. This is one of my all time favorite go-to baby books. I did modify it a bit - in the round instead of flat, but that's me. This pattern also appears in a Leisure Arts pamphlet titled Time for Baby along with 5 other garments. I love the book though which has 30 projects in all, including some adorable bootees, felted bags, a sweater for mom, and the cutest teddy bears.
Saturday evening we relaxed on the deck with dogsI don't look relaxed. There is a camera (I don't love them), I am wearing my Rhinebeck hoodie under which I could house a small family (which means I look a bit Beluga), but I am, trust me, very happy. I love my deck. It's over a brook, and there's chickens and my garden in front of me. Gene grills supper and sits beside me, and life is good and at peace.
We celebrated Earth Hour Saturday night by shutting off the power at 8:30. We did leave the pellet stove running, since it was cold and it is our primary heat source right now. But no lights, no computers. Just an oil lamp with chairs pulled close.In the end we celebrated Earth-Two-Hours a bit by accident. We were so happy sitting and being quiet that we forgot to turn lights on. We're discussing making it a regular thing, once a week; no lights, just peace.
A decision was made to invest in a macro lens so that I can take better pictures of socks and things for patterns. As a result of this purchase my brain fell out in the direction of the camera again, and it is only with great restraint that I have kept my hands off of it since my noon-time walk. Only 85 pictures today. Not all 85 are here, I promise. But we've got a few. Surveyor's TransitBricks. Or mortar, really.
Girl's African Violet which I still have not killed, miraculously.
This is my doorbell. It has a leather string and a clapper, and you have to ring it fairly vigorously, but I love it for that.
It is topped with a flying pig, but I like the rusty bell part better.
A lilac bud with a drop of water.
A tree trunk in the yard.
This should be a daffodil in a few days.
Columbine, which I adore and have a ton of. There was some here and I brought other colors from our old house.
Fungus. I do love fungi, you'll remember!
An old slate path block.
Garlic, heralding the production of scapes and eventually fresh garlic bulbs, and I cannot wait! We can thank Cirilia for this. If she hadn't been willing to bring me seed garlic from Garlic and Arts, this bed would not be doing what it's doing now.
One curly kale, which survived the winter.
Rhubarb bursting forth. It's reminiscent of babies crowning to me.
Boo, just because I love his face.
An old and very decrepit birdhouse on a very old and decrepit tree.
And a bit of bark, to finish things off.

I am sure I'll get over the new obsession given sufficient time. I hope. Or maybe, deep down, I don't hope at all.


Cathi said...

I love your "Boo's" face too. And the new macro lens! Please allow me, a perfect stranger, to enable your latest obsession. Love the pics. Cathi from

tina said...

honey one inordinately fond of all things lens-y I must tell you that you photos really sit up and bark with it on. Great investment, it all looks great. Especially the rhubarb, crowning indeed!

Yarnhog said...

Wow--really awesome pictures!

Deborah Robson said...

We extended Earth Hour at our house, too. My daughter took about five minutes initially to adjust, but when we ran overtime she said, "No, don't turn the lights back on just yet."