Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Busy Little Bee

Yesterday it snowed and blowed; a blustery day if ever there was one. I don't like snow very much any more, but some people do.To amuse them, I take them out in it, which they appear to enjoy. I don't know why. After we come in they sleep a lot, which I am in favor of.Boo likes it, I think, more than Dazee. Dazee likes it for the novelty. Boo loves it for what it is.
I've been doing some (unusual) non-work knitting lately. I made two tams for tam class; one is here. Wait. That's work knitting. Oh well. I've also knocked out some stuff for Warm Woolies using orphaned yarn.I'm also mildly, and probably only temporarily as work will intrude, obsessed with the idea of knitting Elizabeth's year. This is February, or what I managed to get done of it. Mismatched, but present. This may take me more than a year, because I don't feel like I'll have dune it until I've done all the variants as well.And would you look at this? Knitted poultry. Somehow I doubt she'll lay any time soon, but she makes up for it by brightening the house a little! She's the current Ready Set Knit KAL. I just knitted a little along-er to clear my plate for new projects and work. Mods - actually, not many. I did reduce the length of her wattles a bit, but that's because I have chickens and short wattles are more hen-like, and being a stickler about poultry, well...and for her embellishments I did a lazy daisy and french knot flower motif, I am not sure why. There was no planning involved. I just grabbed yarn and started. I'm debating doing more, and possibly adding beads somewhere, maybe between flowers - again, I don't really know why or where, and I don't know if I will. She needs to let me know what she wants. One eye is a bit angry looking, which makes sense, since I am naming her Eleanor, after my oldest and often grumpiest hen! Unusually, I used the actual recommended yarn, Blue Sky Dyed Cotton, although in colors Mary helped me pick when she discovered me picking "real" chicken colors. This was fun and fast to knit, and I enjoyed it; a bit of frivolity is a good thing!
Hey, want to hear something funny? All year long I've been very hands off when it comes to the college with the kid. Very much enabling her to take care of things herself, no helicopter parent am I, after all she's almost 21 and needs to take care of herself and all that, right? Wanna see a turn-around? She spiked a temp and developed all the signs of Influenza. The school NP told her to take ibuprophen and cough syrup and rest. Well, she's got asthma, and while it's mostly under control now a "little" thing like the flu could have her in the local hospital before you can say "Wow, Meg, your mom is crazy!" I went all psycho helicopter mommy. I called the NP. I asked for a Tamiflu prescription. I called the kid. I made her find a ride to the pharmacy. I gave the pharmacy my Visa number over the phone. I told my husband that he'd better be prepared for me to go out there and take care of things myself if things didn't get done in the next hour. I told him if she didn't get the drugs I was going to sue somebody. I was a shadow of myself, really; a demanding, hovering, aggressive, psychotic shadow. Amazing what motherhood can do to a person, huh?


noallatin said...

I hope your daughter is feeling better. I remember those days in college well, especially since I was 24 hours+ away from home.

There is a Yahoo group devoted to knitting Elizabeth's year . I think it's called EZ Fans. They take a rather relaxed approach to getting through the almanac.

Anonymous said...

that chicken scares me.

Yarnhog said...

Actually, I'm sure she appreciated it. I was a very independent kid, but I hated being sick and all alone when I was in college. My mom was so hands-off that she never once even called me while I was in college (I was her fifth kid, and, well...).

Gnat said...

How cute!! Love the doggie pictures and the baby knitting! :)