Thursday, March 12, 2009

Highly Confidential Messages in My Breakfast

This post began on 3/12 and it's now 3/14. So the secret message in my breakfast was actually on Thursday. The internets ate my post. Evil, evil internets.
I've been working on these little sockies, for Schaefer, with lovely beads. The yarn is their new Nichole which I am enamored of.
I also love this pattern, maybe because of the sparkly bits?

In a continuing effort to stick to Elizabeth's year, I started a chainmail swatch hat based on the March "Difficult but not Really Sweater". That's as far as we're going with March this time around. I am considering backing up to January and making the Aran instead.It will take more than a year to do this. Work interferes.
I'm also making a Nantucket rug in a hurry for Kathy who's currently at the happiest place on earth. I dove into my Berkshire Bulky stash for this
and pulled out colors that I liked, and worked well together. It is more than half done now, and more to knit this evening. I must say that I feel compelled now to knit one for myself. I was thinking that if I fold it in half, knit some i-cord about the edges, and felt it down and we're talking supremo portable sub-standard sized canine sleep surface.
Here there was this sarcastic bit about the secret message on my plate at breakfast, but since the internet ate it and the moment has passed, I no longer feel compelled to be pithy or charming about it. There it is, a message on my plate. Yawn.
Whatever it says, it came off with a little scrub.
I think I don't love satellite internet, but I think it's faster than dial-up. Rain, snow, fog, mist, and haze all mean no internet.
Oh hey! Coolest gadget ever for natural peanut butter people? Ready for this? I found a mixer!


beltwayknitter said...

looks like an expiration date, I can make out the 2010 upside down mirror image. Very lovely beaded socks!

booksNyarn said...

Love the hat. Purple always sends me into "Pretty shiny" mode. The socks are gorgeous too.

Hmm..I could use some messages in my breakfast these days. Someone's got to tell me what to do! ;)

marcy said...

well, life IS good! mix away!!!
as always, love the knits!