Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Many Pictures, Few Words.

Just things I love, or that are making me happy right now.
Sad small dogs in need of baths after a long long walk in the mud.
My labeler, even if some of the old ones won't come off...because it's so handy for labeling any and everything so beautifully, even Gene's sweetners.Gail's colors. This one is called Claypot, and it feels like a clay pot.Potholders and hotpads. "My First Swap". I am so nervous. But I forgot how much I love the hook, and this is reminding me.Boo-Boo, who thinks any fallen tree is a stick, regardless of size.
and who has the most beautiful face. I love this dog.Rooster tails.The wood pile. I love the texture and the color and the geometry of it.Eleanor. The oldest chicken I have ever had, having outlived Napoleon by a year, and she was older than he was when we brought them all home. But you'd never know it. I am not sure how she managed to avoid the coyote when many younger and more spry birds went down like so many bowling pins. She's something else entirely.Freshet. Or any water, really.If there is one thing I would deeply miss were we to move...
it would be the brooks.

And most importantly, April.

"We" were watching a documentary dvd of the Grand Canyon and Mel came over to visit.
That's all! I am working like a canine person, and don't have time for words, so I went with pictures instead. What do you love?


Susie said...

Great photos! Thanks for sharing and putting a smile on myself.

Debra in NC said...

Nice, very nice! Is Boo-Boo a Bernese? He's absolutely gorgeous!

Yarnhog said...

I love the pictures! Especially the one of the sweetener labels; I snorted oatmeal cookie. (Yes, it was my fourth. What's your point?)

Northside Knitter said...

There is something irresistible about babies......human or animal. No surprise that I enjoyed both your first and last pictures.