Wednesday, June 04, 2008


But I have proof.
First, I cut my mittens.Well, I had to, since they needed thumbs. And Elizabeth said to.
Then I picked out stitches on either side of the cut, making a little hole for my thumb to fit through.
Once I had captured all of the picked stitches on my dpn, I started working around and around and around until I had a whole thumb completed.
But I don't have a picture of that yet. They're drying. I don't want to put wet mittens on, not even for you. I should point out that I was not particularly controlled in this activity, nor did I plan a lot. I just cut one stitch at the point where my thumb joins my hand, right over that knuckle. Then I just picked out stitches and kept popping my thumb through until it fit. Once I had a comfortable width, I started working in the round, picking up one stitch at either side of the thumb hole to avoid making a new hole. I worked even on these 12 stitches until my thumb nail disappeared when tried on, and did some decreases for the top on a couple of rounds, with an even round in between. When I got down to 4 stitches, I ran a thread through them all and that was that. Then I repeated the whole process for mitten 2. If you've never cut into your knitting, I highly recommend it.
I got this picture in my email yesterday from a lovely librarian, Sharon, of the Pierce County Library System in Tacoma, WA. Thank you Sharon!!Finally, PROOF! I rarely get evidence that I came and signed. But here we have it, actual evidence - including a picture of Amy that even she can't complain about, and if she does, well, may I suggest she look closely at MY CHIN?? Wanna trade? And really, who are we in comparison to the Famous Person to the left, anyway? We probably do not have the right to look better than someone who's probably got a trainer. And a stylist. And possibly a wardrobe person.


tina said...

Oh who needs a stylist and the rest of it? You'd only have to pay them!

Love the afterthought mitten/thumb. The first time I did that I about wet my pants. It is wonderfully freeing isn't it? Can't wait to see them done!!!

Shilly Sit Knitter said...

I am so not going to do that!!!! I would end up in the corner drooling on myself!