Monday, June 02, 2008

And now...the rest of the story.

First I should say that I do not as a rule like cats, and generally the cat has very little to do with me. I am more of a dog person really. But as I sit here trying to blog and read my email, having been home less than 24 hours and still under the effects of jet lag and an hour and a half long drive home at nearly midnight after 11 hours in airports and airplanes, the cat has decided I am someone worthy of notice. He has ensconced himself on my lap, head and paws on my arm kneading mercilessly. Note the grimace. That is me trying not to shove him onto the floor at high velocity. I wonder how fast a cat can fly under such circumstances... I did manage to remove the claws, but my arm now bears a striking resemblance to a scratching post. Although I do not like cats, I am a sucker for anything pathetic and so he appears to be. I wish Girl was home. He likes her better.This is the Museum of Contemporary Art in LA. It is adjacent to the hotel, which makes my inability to get there even more pathetic. I took this while having breakfast. Right there, one small courtyard close and yet so far. But on the whole I would not trade my experiences at BEA for a museum visit. I just wish I had time to do It All.
Stormtrooper! I've always wanted to see one. They're wider than I imagined. They look so tall and thin in the movies.
Thing I wanted to say in previous posts but kept forgetting...I met Dave Marx of PassPorter fame. he gave me two books, Disneyland and Disney Cruise Line. The cruise book he signed to Mr. W and me, so now we're all prepared for our next cruise with the Mouse. And need to take a trip to Disneyland, I'd say. He was very nice, told me about their upcoming anniversary celebration in 2009, and gave me a PassPorter pin.
Today, in spite of, or maybe because of my jet-lagged-ness I decided to take a field trip to Putney, Vermont to the Green Mountain Spinnery. My intentions were pure and noble - score free yarn for book two, no buying. Yeah. Right. Have you seen their yarn? I bought some Sylvan Spirit and some Forest and Meadow sock yarns for myself. I will probably, in the end, design with them since I am incapable of reading patterns. The Sylvan Spirit is going to be a baby set, colorwork. The sock yarn is going to be...uhh...socks. And the design yarn is their Cotton Comfort which will make exceptional socks. Very soft, maybe a light DK in gauge, 80% wool, 20% cotton. Clockwise, from the top, Cotton Comfort, Sylvan Spirit, Meadow, Forest. Meadow is 50% superfine kid/50% fine wool. Soft as a babies butt. Forest is 70% fine wool/30% tencel, with that delightful tencel glisten I love so very much. Their colors are just painfully beautiful. This is yarn I am taking on my weekend away trip (more about that next week)
You ever hear that saying when the cat's away the mice will play? As I was putting away groceries (like local cheese) I found something...unusual in my fridge. Something that around here verges on contraband. Do you see it? Can you believe this? I am gone for, what, 2.5 days and they can't make it through without buying freaking bologna?? My tofu is shoved into the back of the fridge, behind the mayonnaise. But the bologna? Front and center, man. I went out and bought a ton of fresh veg. I am going to force feed them nothing but kale for the rest of the week.
Funny...that certain famous knitter mentioned me on her blog with a link to the book at Amazon. Woosh, I shot up to #2 in the top 100 knitting books, for this hour anyway (it's updated hourly). It's nice that she uses her power for good and not evil. But then, having spent some time in her esteemed company I cannot believe she's capable of anything else.


Yarnhog said...

I laughed--hard--when I saw the bologna in your deli drawer! Whenever I go away, I find McDonald's bags in the trash and candy wrappers in the kids' rooms. I think they enjoy it all the more for it being taboo, so I always make a fuss (even though I really don't care--as long as they're still alive, it doesn't matter how they got there).

Jenna said...

It was fun hanging out with you in fancy California this weekend!