Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Good News, Bad News

Bad News: No one guessed the name of the unusual plant in my garden. I told you it was unusual. But very, very me. Patchouli!! Which no one guessed, but how could they? Utterly unheard of here. And it's growing as slow as molasses (in a very small quantity on a very cold day) and I am trying to figure out how to transplant it inside for winter.

Good News: I got a serious kick out of some of the answers.

Bad News: I need to pick only ONE grand prize winner and two runner's up.

Good News: Random number generator!! Everyone was assigned a random number with the thing and then a number was selected randomly from the random numbers - I will spare you any further detail - the winning number from this lovely generator was 9! NUMBER NINE WINS!!

Bad News: Most of you are not number 9

Good News: Angela is!

Bad News: I still have to choose runner's up, and these are really hand-picks based on my personal level of amusement when reading your response.

Good News: Jean (from Maine who has no blog but is a member of the afghans for Afghans group) cannot possibly know that I have been trying to grow watermelon for YEARS and there's a whole back story about my insisting to everyone after years of failure that a certain plant in my garden was watermelon, even when it put forth a something that looked much more like butternut squash, and even when I was eating that watermelon baked and warm with cinnamon and butter and a touch of maple syrup... and dlalomia who gave an answer worthy of myself complete with rationales (Ask Tracitalynne. She accidentally asked me if kids get hurt doing somersaults. I think she's still recovering from the statistical analysis.) are the runner's up.

Winners/runner's up - PLEASE email with your mailing address and such so I can get your goodies out to you.

Bad News: The hen may be senile, and Marshmallow is...uh...toasted.

Good News: we get way better pictures now! Five babies alive and kicking (and scratching and chirping and being cute).
Right now I am off to fetch my grand daughter for a day of fun and napping and bottles and more napping and playing and napping.


Angela said...

WOW! I'm shocked to have won - and I NEVER would have guessed what that plant was correctly! lol Thanks so much! I'm off to email you my info now.

Thanks again! It was fun guessing.

knitting dragonfly said...

Very cute!!